My Time At Portia – Romance Update

Posted by on 8月 12, 2019

Hi Portians!

Today is Valentine’s Day in China and to celebrate we’re excited to release an update for My Time At Portia on Steam!

We’ve added more romance related missions in Portia, making it an even sweeter town!

This update adds side missions for Nora, Oaks, McDonald, Albert and Sonia as well as special dialogue during various festivals and events.

There are different rewards available for these missions including new NPC shops, a relationship between NPCs and the opportunity to build your relationship with NPCs too!

Whilst there is still some work to be done, we’ve also optimised the Korean text in game and added Brazilian Portuguese translation too.

Check out the full list of changes below for everything included in this update. Enjoy!



  • Added side missions for Nora, Oaks, Albert, Sonia, and McDonald
  • Added NPC dialogue during events


  • The Monkey King clothing set can now be sold or discarded
  • Adjusted the location and size of the store icon


  • Fixed the bug that gift shops at festivals/competitions have no icons
  • Fixed the bug that some items have incorrect production times in the factory
  • Fixed a confict between conversation and the action of giving child a gift
  • Fixed the bug where the gulls do not move when time stops
  • Fixed the bug that the Monkey King treasure chest refreshes abnormally
  • Fixed the bug that the camera direction of the mission ‘Sophie’s Basket’ is incorrect
  • Fixed the bug that time does not stop with chance in the Deepest Ruin
  • Fixed the bug that Gust sometimes gets stuck in the front door of A&G Construction
  • Fixed the bug where Emily sometimes teleports in the Commerce Guild
  • Fixed some text errors
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