My Time at Portia v2.0 – Hotfix 1

Posted by on 3月 11, 2019

Hi there!
This is the hot fix for v2.0. If you have any other questions or find any bugs, please let us know in the Report a Problem forum. You can read the full changelist below!


· Fixed the crash in the mission of Soak in the Hot Spring.
· Fixed the bug that storage upgrade will not cost any materials.
· Fixed the bug that players will get wrong number of products when craft items in different crafting lines.
· Fixed the bug that players cannot get access into the hazardous dungeon in dessert.
· Fixed the bug when players turn in the mission of Tests of Marriage to Gale, Gale doesn’t respond.
· Fixed the bug that players cannot adjust the number of items when turning in food in Harvest Pile in Autumn Festival.
· Fixed the crash when players take Scare Soaker in the Day of Memories.
· Fixed the crash in the fishing competition.
· Fixed the bug that players cannot see the Rogue Knight’s Sword in the next day of the Final Battle.
· Fixed the animation when NPC swings.
· Removed the audio for the reminder messages on the left.
· Fixed the wrong icon of Golden Salmon King.
· Fixed the crash problem when player try to attend Fishing day without enough gols.
· Fixed the problem of button being wrongly functional on Civil Corps Commission board.
· Fixed the problem that baby may be suspended in the air after birth.
· Fixed the wrong display of the Sewage Plant map.

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