My Time at Portia: Update v2.0

Posted by on 3月 7, 2019

Hello Portians!

We’ve been working hard to fix bugs and optimise the game further, as per player feedback. In this update, you’ll see improvements on the sound effects and dialogue as well as new dialogue and side quests too. Don’t panic if you’ve already finished the main story. You will be able to play these new side quests!

Check out the full changelist below…


 Added to the Japanese translation in game.
Added new side quests for Phyllis, Ginger and Gust.
Added post-marriage side quests.
Added a forge machine which can change weapon attributes.

Added the ability to craft the first aid kit and antidote at the worktable.
Added an advertising board to the store in the harbour.
Added diapers at the clothing store.
Added the ability to upgrade a wooden storage box to a metal storage box.
Added a play/date event in the Haunted Cave on Amber Island.
Added animations for Pinky, Scraps and QQ.
Added more interactions between your spouse and children. Your spouse will feed and play with your children.
Added more English and Chinese voice audio.
Added sound effect for walking.
Added environmental sound effects.
Added a piece of background music for the Deepest Ruin.
Added music for the mini carousel and vinyl record player.
Added sound effects of being attacked by multiple monsters.
Added sound effects for several UI features.
Added Penny’s song.
Added a switch for special effects. (This is off by default)
Added more items to the inspection mini game.
Added a collection point for ginger in Sewage Plant Ruins.
Added a dropdown menu to filter by name in the storage interface.
Added the ability to craft different items simultaneously.
Added an auto-run button for playing with a controller.
Added an effect to differentiate between a learned and new crafting recipes/diagrams.
Added a function to allow players to name a mount for Sam, Remington and Arlo.
Added a pig tag and piggy bed to the Mysterious Man’s store.
Added adventurer Marco’s videotape.

 Changed default setting for English voice audio to ‘on’.
Changed Emily’s reaction to feces.
Optimised the party system. If an NPC cannot attend the party, other NPCs will join instead.
Optimised the poses when taking a family photo.
Optimised the animation when a female character uses the Rogue Knight’s sword.
Optimised the NPC following system. When players get hurt, the NPCs will help them fight.
Optimised the material consumption in The Final Battle.
Optimised the king fish icons.
Optimised the look of trees during winter.
Adjusted the amount of leather required to revise clothing.
Adjusted the crafting recipe for the paddle boat.
Adjusted the required number and the rewards for SS level commissions.
Adjusted the summary interface of the roping mini game.
Adjusted the depth of field in game. Decreased the depth of field effect when running the game with lower specs.
Removed Huya’s videotapes.
Removed the fishing spot in the Sewage Plant Ruins.
Removed the ability to start a mini game in the Round Table restaurant while on a date.
Changed the photo shoot time with Mei during the Day of the Bright Sun.

 Fixed the crash when riding a llama during the Day of the Bright Sun.
Fixed the crash caused by Ack’s conversation when you are talking to another NPC.
Fixed the description error for several items.
Fixed the bug preventing Mint from confessing to the player after the player is divorced.
Fixed the bug that the exclusive quests for Gust can still be triggered after the player marries him.
Fixed the bug preventing some players from getting the Master Fishing Rod.
Fixed the bug preventing customised reminders from being saved in the calendar.
Fixed the bug that sometimes the Portia Bridge mission cannot be triggered.
Fixed the bug causing players to end up outside of the map after leaving the Deepest Ruin.
Fixed the crash that occurs when the mission ‘The Brightest Star’ conflicts with dates.
Fixed the crash that occurs when players are forced to sleep during the mission ‘The Eufaula Tunnel’.
Fixed the incorrect attributes on the race horse memorabilia carpet and llama memorabilia carpet (both previously referred to as ‘furnitures’) If you have already placed these carpets in your home, you will need to retrieve them to reset their attributes.
Fixed Ack’s icon in the social interface.
Fixed the bug preventing the camera from identifying Bikini Flippers when taking a photo of it.
Fixed the bug causing the defeated NPC to stay on the field when players fight two NPCs (for example – Emily and the chickens)
Fixed the conversation error when giving gifts that Ginger dislikes.
Fixed the bug causing the balloon shooting game to change to the slots game during a date.
Fixed the crash that occurs when the balloon shooting game changes to the slots game during a date.
Fixed the bug causing NPCs watching sparring to get stuck.
Fixed the bug causing the baby to disappear suddenly when the camera gets too close.
Fixed the bug affecting the mini map for Alice’s house.
Fixed the bug causing NPCs to continue to follow the player during sparring.
Fixed the bug causing the game speed to affect the NPC’s attack timing.
Fixed the fighting animation of the Lost Variant.
Fixed the bug affecting the player’s location when playing RPS with an NPC by the river.
Fixed the bug causing NPCs to go in and out of a house repeatedly.
Fixed the bug causing Gust to get stuck inside A&G Construction.
Fixed the bug where your spouse will not sit in your house after marriage.
Fixed the bug preventing pets from playing with toys when they are placed outside your house.
Fixed the bug preventing a photo shoot mission from being completed when you take photos of several NPCs.
Fixed the bug allowing players to get the parts box from inside the Abandoned Ruins. If you already have this item, you can delete it.

Please continue to report any issues, bugs and crashes in our Report A Problem forum.

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