New content sneak peek – Autumn Festival update

Posted by on 11月 21, 2018

Hey Portians,

Spoiler alert! We’re showing off some new content that’s coming in the Autumn Festival update.

Last week, we shared with you some information about the new holiday – the Autumn Festival. This week, we’ll be looking at the new interactions you’ll be able to engage in with NPCs and world items, as well as some new customization options for your home!

New spouse interactions and shared furniture!

When you first arrive in Portia, you’ll find a humble, single bed along with your level 1 house. You’ve probably noticed that while you upgrade your house, your single bed still stays the same size, not reflecting the wider improvements to your home. Even when you become wealthy in Portia, or got married, you still haven’t been able to upgrade your bed. On top of that, you weren’t able to view your Portian resting after a hard days work!

Well, things are changing in this update! First of all, we’re adding a queen size bed! After all, we felt a bit guilty keeping you in that small bed when you’ve been fighting, farming and adventuring all day. But wait, there’s more! You can even claim the side of the bed you want! (Which as we all know, is integral to the sleeping experience!)

The new bed is more than just a model though, we’ve added new animations to make sleeping more meaningful to the player. For example, if you have a male spouse, you’ll see yourself get into bed and snuggle up to your spouse’s arms.

When the morning comes and you wake up, you’ll find that you’re no longer automatically stood in front of your bed. Instead, you’ll see yourself snoozing with your spouse (or with plenty of bed space if you’re single). When you’re ready to wake up, you can simply press the get up button. Just remember, you won’t become Portia’s #1 builder by staying in bed all day, so you’ll automatically wake up after a set period of time.

To compliment the addition of the queen size bed, there’ll also be other furniture that both yourself and your spouse will be able to interact with. Examples include the double lounge chair, rocking chair, and the mini-carousel!

We’ve added these as we agreed with the feedback we’d seen from the community that you’d like to be able to interact with your spouse more, allowing you to act more like a couple, rather than your spouse being a helper around the house/workshop.

We hope the furniture that you can interact with will make the Portian experience more genuine for you. If this new type of furniture is well received, we’ll add more of this type of furniture in the future – so let us know what you think!

New decoration options!

To further empower our players to customize their home, this update will give you the ability to place food, toys and other small items on top of tables and draws. What will you have on display?

New wallpapers and flooring options!

Are you wanting to give your home an Autumn makeover? If your answer is yes, then we’ve got some good news for you! In the Autumn Festival update we’re adding two new tools – the floor rush and the roller brush. These new additions will allow you to change the colours of both the wallpaper and flooring/patterns as you desire!

It almost feels like you’re moving into a new home!

That wraps up today’s update! We hope you like what we’ve revealed, feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below, over on the Steam forums or via the My Time At Portia Twitter account!

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  1. Aaidyn
    11月 21, 2018

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    I couldn’t be more happy with the update and the decision on design within! I have been playing the game since day one and I must say, this is truly an incredible adventure that I get to be on! Thank you for working hard and improving such a wonderful game!

  2. Jorgie de Jesus
    11月 21, 2018

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    SO cool thanks for the update. Can not wait to bring this to the switch. You guys are amazing!!

  3. Thomas
    11月 26, 2018

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    It would be great if the npc characters would wear what you gift them, things such as swimsuits, bracelets, clothing , necklaces, hats and bikinis. It woul also be great if we could have children or adopt children.

  4. Thomas
    11月 26, 2018

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    You mentioned a final releases on a recent earlier update, when will the final release date be? When will the Console versions release date be and will we be able to pre-order My Time At Portia from Gamestop? I’m only interested in the Console versions of My Time At Portia.

  5. Rimuru
    11月 27, 2018

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    it would be great if there are more event and festival.

  6. Cailah
    12月 5, 2018

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    Keep up the awesome work! I love this game!

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