New Content On The Way: Autumn Festival

Posted by on 11月 21, 2018

Hello Portians,

We’ve been in early access for almost a year now, adding new story and side quests along the way to bring you hours of gameplay! We’ll be adding even more content closer to the final release!

Our next update is almost ready, and we cannot wait to share it with you! This update will add a brand-new holiday to the game – Autumn Festival.

Autumn Festival

This new calendar event takes place on the 20th day of Autumn every year. You’ll receive a letter on the 15th day to remind you of when the festival will start, and let you know that there is a vegetable growing competition.

Portia Cook-Off

A cook-off will be held after the Autumn Festival. On the morning of the cook-off, you and the NPCs will need to provide food to the activity organisers. You’ll be rewarded for doing this, and when the activity begins you can get involved with the cooking!

So, does this mean you will have to remember lots of recipes? The answer is yes, you will need to know a lot of recipes to win the cook-off. But don’t worry, because in this update we’ll be adding a new feature to help you! You’ll be able to ask Django for recipe information… Better start building that friendship with him now!

This update will also focus on bug fixes and optimisation, to better improve your My Time At Portia experience.

Stay tuned for more news on this update, coming soon!

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