Share a Failed Plush Panbat We Made…

Posted by on 10月 26, 2018

That’s what we imagined

And that’s what reality is…

How do you think about this one? I think its chin and cheek are too flat, the rest are not so bad… But my colleague in dev team said he wouldn’t choose this one even it’s in Fun Catch machine… poor little Panbat  🙁

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  1. Lolyenne
    10月 27, 2018

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    It’s okay if it’s a little different – it still looks very huggable to me!!

  2. Angela
    10月 29, 2018

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    Yeah he’s cute. Very close

  3. Vivian
    10月 31, 2018

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    In terms of plushies, the snout and head most definitely needs to be bigger (plus more stuffing). Have the team considered a smaller and simplier verison of panbat? (of course with the main characteristics of Panbat) Perhaps in the direction of Disney’s Tsum Tsum plushie toys?

    It’s all about trial and error with merch.

  4. Hexalobular
    11月 1, 2018

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    Very nice.

    I’ve been trying to see the difference ingame and it’s almost impossible to get a good look at them from an angle where it’s noticeable.

  5. Fuujin2Raijin
    11月 6, 2018

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    Looks fine ship it out for those who want one now XD

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