Hola España!

Posted by on 10月 24, 2018

¡Hola a todos!

Hemos recibido muchos comentarios sobre qué idiomas os gustaría que estuvieran disponibles en el juego, ¡así que nos alegra anunciar que la actualización de hoy añade los idiomas español e italiano a My Time At Portia!

Como estamos en acceso anticipado y el juego sigue en desarrollo, puede que veas algún error por algún lado. Si te encuentras con algún problema en la traducción española e italiana, comunícanoslo en el Foro de informes de problemas. O si tan solo quieres hablar con otros jugadores o dejar comentarios generales para el equipo de desarrollo, puedes compartir tu opinión en el Foro de discusiones. ¡Todos los comentarios son bienvenidos!

¡Que lo disfrutes!

¡Y si estás disfrutando My Time At Portia, cuéntaselo a tus amigos!

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  1. Alexandre
    10月 25, 2018

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    Plssssss portuguese Brazilzilzilzil!!

  2. mom
    10月 30, 2018

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    If you make a really negative comment about this game it will just be deleted, i know because it happened to me. The producers of this game/website only want to hear/see our comments if they are positive and if they are really negative they will just delete our comments.

    • admin
      10月 31, 2018

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      Hi there!
      These two announcements are just to outline that we’ve added Italian and Spanish translations to the game, and we’ve posted them in the corresponding languages. Sorry if this was confusing! 🙂

  3. Woodrat
    11月 14, 2018

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    Hell, maybe it’s good to see My Time At Portia with Italian or Spanish texts. But what about Russian version? As I saw in comments on Steam, many people wants translation on Russian. I’m sure text version it’s enough for us.

    What about furniture for kitchen? Why I can’t put tea set on any table only on floor or ground?

    Always when I saw fat cat Pinky I’m always thinking about evil thin black cat Brain;) As in Spielberg’s animation series “Pinky and the Brain”.

    Ok, cat Pinky, dog Sparks, llamas, horses, chickens, cows. But what about parrot from Starlight Island?:)

    Hey, piece of land near to my workshop it is not robot cemetery. I think, place of Lara’s statue is near to Ruins on normal cemetery, near to Ack.

    Sincerely yours, Woodrat, owner of Rat’s Lair Workshop;)

  4. Pablo
    11月 24, 2018

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    Any chance the portuguese brazilian language ? plz 😀

  5. maria
    12月 23, 2018

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    I absolutely love this game. is amazing, and very lovely, super complete !

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