Update 9.0 – Hotfix Patch 4

Posted by on 10月 10, 2018

Hey Portians!

Today we’ve released another patch to fix some crashes and bugs, and adjust some features. Please see the full changelist below.

  • Fixed the bug causing Higgins workshop scores to increase unexpectedly at the end of each year.
  • Fixed the bug that when a commission is failed, Higgins’ workshop score will not be reduced.
  • Fixed the bug preventing photos from saving when there are special characters in the name.
  • Fixed the bug affecting gol costing in NPC commissions that reward favor points.
  • In the settings menu, only changes on the resolution need the final confirm button.
  • Fixed the bug preventing materials from being returned to the player when they cancel production on the textile machine.
  • Fixed the crash when using controllers to move storage boxes.
  • Fixed the crash when returning to the main menu after cutting a tree.
  • Fixed the crash caused by NPCs’ behaviour.
  • Fixed the crash in the horse racing competition.
  • Fixed the crash caused by animations.

As always, please continue to report any issues in the Report a Problem forum.

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Have fun in Portia.



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  1. Jericho
    10月 12, 2018

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    Where i can download thia version

  2. Calley
    10月 21, 2018

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    When are we getting the Mac release?!?! I’m getting so mad waiting last time I checked y’all said all you needed to do was fix sliders let me have the game and I’ll fix em for you dude. Sorry not trying to be rude but bought the game quite a bit ago cus you said there would be a Mac release but I’m still waiting here with a game I can’t play! 🙁

  3. thomas
    10月 24, 2018

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    When are we getting the Console release dates? I really want to play My Time At Portia on the PS4. I’ll pre-order this game from Gamestop as soon as it becomes available.

  4. SchwarzT
    10月 29, 2018

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    i’m still having some bugs that the NPS’s running at the wall -_-

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