Update 9.0 – Hotfix Patch 2

Posted by on 9月 28, 2018

Hello Portians!

Thank you for reporting issues you found since the most recent update and patch.

This patch addresses those reported issues, as well as adjusting some other features, and adds support for Traditional Chinese!

You can check the changelist in here:

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Have fun in Portia.

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  1. Tia
    10月 8, 2018

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    Very minor issue – typo when Nora (I think) issues a commission for baskets – the word ‘baskets’ is not plural.

    I’ve just started this game (bought yesterday) and am really enjoying it. Some tutorial or help menu ideas: recommend telling people how many relationship points needed for a star/heart (I kept expecting a single point to make a visible impact and thought I was doing something wrong when nothing happened). Have a social tutorial moment that shows giving a character a liked gift (this can then explain the amount of relationship points that make an impact as well as demo how some gifts show up in their social screen). Please spell out LMB rather than abbreviate it. Same thing with RPS (at least during a social tutorial- it’s obvious once you know what it is. But isn’t obvious the first time you see it).


  2. Mom
    10月 8, 2018

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    How about a console release or at least let us pre-order the game through Gamestop?

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