Adjustments & Bug fixes (including changelist)

Posted by on 9月 10, 2018

Hello Portians!

Thank you all for your feedback on our recent open test. This patch addresses the crashes and other issues you have reported. Please see the full changelist below.

Change list:
Added a dog bed to the Mysterious Man’s shop.
Adjusted customisation settings for players with darker skin tones, in response to player feedback.
Fixed the display error of the driver on the deedee and tour bus.
Fixed the bug causing Petra to stay in the Research Centre.
Changed the requirement for feeding QQ after marrying Gust.
Fixed the bug causing Dr. Xu to not accept your confession if you refused his confession previously.
Fixed the bug causing Phyllis or Ginger to follow the player after a date if it took place while a mission was triggered with them.
Fixed the bug allowing players to duplicate materials in the factory.
Fixed the bug causing materials to be duplicated on return when cancelling crafting on a machine.
Fixed the bug causing a crash when playing with a controller and and trying to open the handbook.
Fixed the bug causing the player’s character to become invisible. (Please let us know if you experience this bug again)
Fixed the bug causing the player’s character to get stuck in an unknown room.
Fixed the display error of the reward box in the museum.
Fixed the lag issues when Sam fights against monsters in the WOW Industries ruins.
Fixed the bug allowing players to fix relics without using relic pieces.
Fixed the crash when playing seesaw.
We’re working hard on the new content for the next update. This new build will be released later this month.

Thanks for your continued support, and as always, please continue to report issues, bugs, or crashes, in the Report a Problem( forum.

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And you can always find us on Youtube for more videos.

If you’d like to talk to other players, you can head to the Steam Discussions forum or our official Discord.
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Have fun in Portia.

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  1. Anna
    9月 10, 2018

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    I just want to say thanks for working so hard to improve the game! I can really tell how much love has gone into it so far. 🙂

  2. Jonathan
    9月 13, 2018

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    Do you have an idea when 1.0 will release? I’m really excited to play this game, I’ve already purchased it!

  3. vella
    9月 18, 2018

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    aah I’m endlessly excited to get more of this game- though one thing I’m holding out for is being able to have eyebrows be a different colour to hair, pink hair would look nice if the eyebrows weren’t pink >.<

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