What Kinds of Side Products Do You Want?

Posted by on 8月 16, 2018

Hey everyone, we promised our backer of some side products on Kickstarter, like figures, plush toys… But what do you guys want? If you choose different characters, we can made some extras and sell them on Amozon store.

So if you’re interested in this, just vote for your favorite characters on this: http://www.surveypie.com/survey/07662c94-6c1f-4d60-9f0d-ad4fbd521831

Thank you O(∩_∩)O

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  1. Lord Lupax
    8月 21, 2018

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    Some of the artefacts as model whould be great. The thinking can for example or the peach statue from the plaza.

    • vorpal
      9月 8, 2018

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      What I really want is for this game to finally come to the Mac or the Switch. I’m dying to play it! It looks amazing.

      Has anyone heard anything?

  2. Russianblue
    8月 23, 2018

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    Hope all’s well. I’m back with a few more suggestions!

    1. Horsing around
    – Please allow the character to remain on his/her horse even after arriving at a new Dee Dee stop if he/she took the Dee Dee while on horseback!
    – Please allow the character to pet the horse while in the stable – currently my character has to ride the horse out of the stable before being able to pet it daily.

    2. Character photograph used in Portian competition rankings
    – The character photograph used in the Portian competitions’ ranking display is still that of the generic default character without customisation. This is a small point, but sometimes I find myself being puzzled at who the mysterious person is in the ranking display till I realise it is meant to be my character.

    3. More realistic furniture
    – This is a small detail, but I think it would really add to the realism of the game.
    – Please allow, for example, the desk lamp to really be placed on the desk, or for small items to be placed on tables etc.

    4. NPC walking glitch
    – Currently, my character is married to Gust and due to the placement of furniture around my workshop, he is always stuck in the mornings and unable to leave the workshop premises (he just remains in the same position, walking into a particular furniture). As much as I think this is amusing, I don’t think it was intended on your end. HAHA. Not complaining, though. I always know where to find him in the morning.

    Again, more clothing and furniture options are always a plus.

    Thank you for reading!

  3. David
    8月 24, 2018

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    Hey I got a problem. I just married Emily and of course she gathered all my finished resources for me, but I can’t retreive them back! There are no option of any sort when I interact with her, and I’ve spent 2 in game days still nothing happen, cause some say she should be returning my resources if she already hold 10 items, some also say that there is an “acquire” option when you interact with her, but both doesn’t happen to me, so please I need help what should I do. I’m currently playing on version Alpha 8.0.106286

  4. Rosinet
    8月 26, 2018

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    More clothing would be nice, but no shirts. No adventuring girl would use shirts anyway. Maybe something more pratical while still cool?

  5. Momo
    8月 28, 2018

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    Great Game!
    But, Time in this game is passes so fast.
    At least, When character inside a Buildings the time is should be freeze.

  6. Jessica
    8月 29, 2018

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    The voice for the player very rarely ever “speaks” usually it’s just typed out but you don’t actual hear them say anything. Except at the beginning. Also, slight glitch, voice over bit, the stuff is written in English, but is spoken in another language. Such as when Tuss and Huss run away. Does the current story end right at the thief who wants to steal the AI source? And when are we gonna have more to the story? Is anything else gonna happen on Starlight island or whatever it’s called. I really want more stuff to the storyline more so than fixing small glitches. Are you guys planning on making it so later on the collapsed wasteland is kinda torn down and rebuilt as a phase 2 project of Gale’s? Cause I figure it this way, those monsters are right there at Portia’s doorstep and should they happen to massively grow in number, they could attack Portia and it’s people would be in danger. Which is bases on why I think Gale should do something about it. And change it over to something like a walk through garden or some other attraction. And why can I not use small bombs in the abandoned buildings? I want a faster way to mine all that stuff.
    I am totally looking forward to the next patch and massive update.
    Thank you!

  7. Lisenta
    8月 31, 2018

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    Hello, I really liked your game. When I played it, I got a lot of different ideas, but these are just the options that I would like to offer a variety of games, if I may say so. I thought a lot about the relationship between the characters.

    1. When I started playing, I met a lot of different cutscenes, but then their number dropped dramatically.

    2. I would like more cutscene and with my couple/ family. For example, I married Gust. After the wedding, the only thing that was this was the change of wallpaper and the task with the kk. Yes, maybe some moments with a pair of cutscenes might be the same, so as not to invent different characters for different characters, but in different places. And maybe even a bit more romance with your’s partner. This is my opinion as a girl.

    3. I would like that the main character had his birthday and he/she could invite friends to his house, arranging a party for it. But you can celebrate your birthday and in a cafe. At home it would be possible to put a table and treat guests to their (or not quite their) food, dance, sing and have fun.

    4. In summer it would be possible to swim and swim in special places.

    5. One could have children. It would be interesting to do work and at the same time educate your child + interactions with the whole family. The child could go to school and we could teach him something that is simple from the foundations of construction or that the partner taught what he does himself.

    These are just ideas about the relationships that now come to my mind.

    Thanks a lot for your attention.

  8. Nikki
    9月 2, 2018

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    Im not a backer, but i just wanted to comment cuz this is so cute!. Anyways, as a female, i always like plushies, ussually of the cute enemies in my favourite video game (if there are any, and ive seen so many in this one. How about that colourfull llama? it would be a crime not to make a cute stuffy out of that one, or that panbat enemy. ☺️

  9. SchwarzT
    9月 2, 2018

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    i’m playing in Alpha 8.0.106286, here is some of my suggest:

    – please fix the sound issue where NPC doesn’t speak, also sometime the backsound doesn’t come
    – remake season’s theme song, it’s not suited for each ones
    – please add more event and “day” in calendar. its so weird when a month have 28 days for each season
    – it more interesting when the game have main quest, like if u don’t complete the mission game over example : if u can’t restore the field for 3 years, u gonna be expel from portia, or u must save portia in xx years, something like that (add more mini event too for each NPC by social relation)
    – please add more variety of plant
    – different NPC/Chara clothing by different season
    – the time is so fcking fast, instead froze the time when inside the building
    – please fix NPC glitch when walking across main chara (its so many, i cant tell u one by one)
    – maybe u can hire civil corps to accompany u in the dungeon
    – so slow when getting levelup around lvl 30++
    – i don’t know it’s bug or not, when u go to find relic in ruins, its in the inside of elevator, can’t diggem up
    – add more dungeon and equipment (cloth, weapon, ets its more interesting if different equip give different buff)
    – i never get rusty iron pipe item from fishing, so Ack’s quest never be done! -_-
    – Higgin’s point workshop kinda like cheating when u on the top position lol :v
    – bring back Nora model from Alpha1.0 !!!!!
    – I WANT TO SWIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Chloe
    9月 3, 2018

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    When do you guys anticipate adding more content?

  11. Rob
    9月 8, 2018

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    Prefer Stickers & Patches vs backpacks, umbrellas etc.. My kids absolutely love Pinky the cat! Thanks for making such a wonderful & memorable game

  12. Tom
    10月 8, 2018

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    Please make it so that other change their clothes when you give them gifts, a swimsuit that changes characters appearance would be great. Also, more female characters that can be married would be great.

  13. Thomas
    10月 8, 2018

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    You should be able to invite other NPC characters to join your party. Rune Factory is a great example of what i’m talking about. It woul be great to have your wife or a great friend be able to join you in battle. Also, there seems to be more male characters that you can marry than female. Also, a summer beach festival with swimsuits & beach games would be perfect. BUT, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS A CONSOLE RELEASE DATE & A CONSOLE PRE-ORDER DATE.

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