The Second Patch for The 8.0 Update.

Posted by on 7月 31, 2018

Hello my fellow Portians.

This is the second patch for the 8.0 update.

Players can move freely when using the relic scanner.
Fixed the bug that the mission after The brightest star in the night sky
cannot be triggered. (If you’ve already talked to Phyllis and the mission still cannot be triggerd, then bring the spicy fish soup to her before the deadline.)
Fixed the bug that the Starlight Island mission cannot be triggered.
Deleted the candle after Mint’s Heart.
Fixed the model of Phyllis in cutscene.
Fixed the bug that the cost of the material in factory is incorrect.
Fixed the bug that when control items using both controller and keyboard will duplicate items.
Fixed the bug that when cancel crafting the item which requires three materials in the workshop, the third material will return in a multiple times number.
Fixed the crash when revising the clothes.
Fixed the crash made by the footprint.
Fixed the crash when NPC blinking.
Fixed the crash when pressing adding material button (A in Xbox controller, and X in PS controller) in an empty crafting page in the factory.
Fixed the bug when selling item of which the price is much higher than the store can afford, thus made the gold number that the store obtains under the zero.
Fixed the crash when using controller to move items in the material warehouse.
Fixed the displaying error in the Starlight Island.
Fixed the crash when the character’s name contains space.
Fixed several crashes.

There are two things you need to pay attention.

First, if you ever encountered the save issue, here is what you can do. To those of you who play the game in one PC, for security, you can go to the load interface in game, choose the save file you want to backup, and click the backup button. So whether the file has been saved in the cloud or not, it will stay in your computer. To those of you who play the game in different PCs, for security, you can manually copy paste the save file. The path of these save file is C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\LocalLow\Pathea Games\My Time at Portia

Second, if you start running the game, and suddenly the game disappears, desktop shows up with the game music playing. To solve this issue, you’ll need to change the setting of the graphic card. Click here for more instructions.

If you experience any issues please report them on this:

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  1. Elleree
    8月 1, 2018

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    I still am unable to play this game on my 4k gaming laptop without lag. So I will continue to play on 1080p resolution instead.

    • admin
      8月 13, 2018

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      we’ll fix this ASAP. Sorry for inconvenience.

  2. Amelia
    8月 2, 2018

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    I love your game and I haven’t experienced many bugs but there are two balancing issues I have:

    Higgins is suddenly an impossibly good builder! If you made him do better in the rankings I think you need to knock him down a bit again because there’s no way for me to keep up now.

    Rebalance quality leather making so it’s easier!! Right now rubber belts/conveyor belts are so annoying to make and take hours of grinding monsters to get enough material.

    • admin
      8月 13, 2018

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      Thanks for the feedback we’ll note it down first, discuss about all those suggestions and tweak Portia according to some of them 🙂

  3. Cameron
    8月 2, 2018

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    I’m having to wait for the PS4 release.
    Any news when that may be?

    • admin
      8月 13, 2018

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      We’re still thinking about a good time of launching console versions, but it won’t be long I think.

  4. Moon
    8月 2, 2018

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    Just a really strange thing but since accepting an interview at the research centre mission, I cannot find Merlin and I have looked high and low for her. Has anyone else had this?

    It’s not even a cause of dropping it and picking it back up because it doesn’t let you.

  5. Elle
    8月 3, 2018

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    Sophie’s basket quest suddenly disappeared. It won’t show again anymore. What can I do to make the quest?

    • admin
      8月 13, 2018

      Leave a Reply

      Sorry, seems no way to make it when it’s gone.

  6. Christina
    8月 4, 2018

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    When is it coming to ps4 or xbox one

    • admin
      8月 13, 2018

      Leave a Reply

      We’re still thinking about a good time of launching console versions, but it won’t be long I think 😛

  7. Nat
    8月 7, 2018

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    Hi I’ve experienced two issues. One, where when I enter and exit my house at any point, I disappear. And I don’t reappear unless I restart the game. It happens all times during the day.

    Another issue I built my stable right next to my new house upgrade and I can enter my house fine but when exiting my house I get stuck in the stable and can’t get out! Is there a reset button that can take me to a deedee stop or something?? I can’t play anymore as I constantly get stuck in my stable. I didn’t think it would cause issues building it right next to house entry as it let me.

    Other than that I am LOVING this game. I enjoy testing games and this is amazing. Last request, please change the dialogue of characters as you get to know them better, as Albert still is in love with ginger and Arlo is still raving on about power stones. Dialogue needs some work.

    • admin
      8月 13, 2018

      Leave a Reply

      Thanks for the feedback, we’ll keep updating the dialogues. And we’ll test the 2 bugs you said, get them fixed ASAP. It would be more helpful to send us some screenshots, the mail is 🙂

  8. RussianBlue
    8月 13, 2018

    Leave a Reply

    Hey developers!
    Thank you for the game. It is really well-made and I’ve been enjoying My Time at Portia so far. 🙂
    I have a few suggestions though:

    1. It would be great if furniture could be more ‘functional’.
    – For example, I really liked how the fan could actually be turned on and how it is possible to really sit on chairs/sofas.
    – I think it would be nice if the bookshelf could really be used to store books, for instance. I think that would be really neat.

    2. Mining glitch?
    – Whenever my character mines at the Abandoned Ruins, there are times when I’m actually able to ‘see behind the rocks’ at what lies underneath – I’m not exactly complaining because that lets me choose what treasures I want to dig up, but I don’t think it was meant to be intentional on your end, right? Haha.

    And, of course, more furniture and clothing options are always great.

    Thank you!

  9. RussianBlue
    8月 13, 2018

    Leave a Reply

    Hi developers,

    Thank you for creating such a beautiful game. I’m enjoying it so far and I just have a few suggestions to make at this point:

    1. Functional furniture
    – I like how the fans can be turned on and turned off, I think it would be really neat if other furniture could also be made functional e.g. being able to really store books in the bookshelf

    2. Mining glitch?
    – When I’m mining in the Abandoned ruins, I’m sometimes able to see past the rocks and behind them. This allows me to see what relics are buried under the rocks and I can then choose which ones I want to dig up. I’m not exactly complaining about this, since it actually is quite a cool benefit, haha but I doubt it was intentional on your end, so I thought I’d just bring it up.

    Also, more furniture and clothing options are always a plus.

    Thank you!

    • admin
      8月 15, 2018

      Leave a Reply

      Glad you like our game! We’ll discuss this suggestion and yeah, it’s a glitch lol, but not intentional, we’ll try to fix it, don’t want to make this too easy, hahaha!

  10. Cleome
    8月 20, 2018

    Leave a Reply

    First thing first very nice game, i like it alot
    But i found out that around when you get to the harbour quest, haggins get way to much points, impossible to keep up cuz i only get low level commisions to do or the convoybelt commision and it takes way to long to gather all the items for it (leather) this is a bit off a game breaker for me cuz after the story ther aint alot to do more the grind, so maby some repeat quest can be nice to have or maby a adventur world where you can hunt rare monster etc 🙂 but anyway really good game keep the good work up. Sorry for bad spelling

  11. mlem
    8月 22, 2018

    Leave a Reply

    Hi developers!

    First I want to tell you how much I ADORE this game. I haven’t been this obsessed with one game for a very long time, and am just incredibly glad that I found this. Few things/suggestions:

    1. I’m a graphic designer/painter – and I feel as though the art for the game in general (for example, loading page – text on buildings are a bit off) do not represent how wonderful this game is. Which is probably why it took me so long to finally look into it. I don’t think its the primary issue, but something to think about.

    2. It would be really nice if we could remove conductive wooden floorings after placing them? Seems like its forever stuck on one spot upon installation which can be slightly annoying.

    3. Bug in the collapsed wasteland – not sure whether this is a bug or not, but there is this one particular tall building/ruin that you can climb by somehow defying physics and then leads you to just levitate really high up.

    4. Better way to deal with multiple monsters attacking you at once? I know its probably intentional so that the players think about it more strategically, but when you’re surrounded by 3 or more monsters, its impossible to fight back or dodge, which kills you pretty quickly. Maybe an addition of a special skill(s) of some sort that spends good amount of stamina but saves you from that situation?

    5. Can there be more dee-dee stops? I know there are several already but it would be nice if there could be more (ex. by the ruins).

    6. One thing I absolutely love about this game is diversity among npcs, how it lets players to marry any gender. I know this is probably still being developed, but I do feel like there could be more depth in these “friendships” and “relationships” (ex. dialogue, activity). While looking at the portia wiki page, I saw a lot of people wanting there to be more to marriage (special activities/dialogue), and also saw a lot of people complaining about how all the female characters are attractive, “feminine” (except for sam I guess) and slender, while there is a good amount of diversity in appearance with male characters. I’m not asking for more attractive male characters! Rather, I’m asking for more less attractive, less “fits that social standard” looking female characters, who I’m sure players will love and appreciate.

    Thats all I have right now. Again, thank you so much again for creating such a beautiful game.
    As someone who grew up watching miyazaki movies, and playing sims, this is simply a masterpiece.
    I am so excited to see this game getting even better. I am so excited that this game happened during my lifetime.
    Thank you.

  12. David
    8月 24, 2018

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    Hey I got a problem. I just married Emily and of course she gathered all my finished resources for me, but I can’t retreive them back! There are no option of any sort when I interact with her, and I’ve spent 2 in game days still nothing happen, cause some say she should be returning my resources if she already hold 10 items, some also say that there is an “acquire” option when you interact with her, but both doesn’t happen to me, so please I need help what should I do. I’m currently playing on version Alpha 8.0.106286

  13. CT
    8月 29, 2018

    Leave a Reply

    love where this game is going and how it’s coming along! Can’t wait to see it develop even further but having so much fun gameplay in its current stage!

    I am facing one bug though atm with whenever my character sits I don’t really know but I think the game thinks I’m fighting and people around me start glitching and beating me up hahah which was awkward in the church
    I don’t know if many people have this issue and haven’t read anything but definitely every time I sit down the fight music starts and things get a bit crazy
    Hope this can be fixed but regardless excited for the future of this game! Keep up the hard work!

  14. Amber
    8月 19, 2019

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