STARLIGHT ISLAND UPDATE – LIVE NOW! (changelist included)

Posted by on 7月 25, 2018

This month, we’ve been working on optimising the game. We have improved the frame rate, and the game now runs much smoother than before. We will continue to work on optimisation in the next few updates, to ensure that you get the best My Time At Portia experience.

In addition to game optimisation, this update also contains the content we announced in our previous news posts. You can read more on those here:

Development Update
Update on the way: A new location, a new pet, new story and more!
New content on the way: Casual life in Portia

Let’s take a look at what other content is in this update!

New building project: Factory

We’ve been listening to your feedback about crafting items in your yard, and we have a pretty big feature to add in this update! Once you’ve completed the harbor mission, you’ll be able to visit A&G Construction and build a factory in your yard!

The factory will allow you to automate production. To craft something, you’ll simply need to prepare the machine and the raw materials it needs, click ‘start’, and wait! You’ll be able to automate each stage of the production process, from raw materials to semi-manufactured products, and from semi-manufactured products to final products! This factory is a huge new feature and will save lots of crafting time!

New location: The Haunted Cave

Remember that mission on Amber Island? Mayor Gale said that construction could take place so that Portians could have somewhere fun to go. The Mayor is keeping his promise! Once you’ve defeated the Rat Prince, you’ll be able to go back to this island and help the Mayor turn the cave into a themed attraction!

New calendar event: The Day of Memories

The Day of Memories is the third holiday to be added to the calendar in My Time At Portia – after the Day of the Bright Sun and Winter Solstice. This holiday will take place on Summer 27th of each year. There will be an activity on this day, and you’ll get to compete against NPCs for a reward!

The difference with this event activity, is that it takes place at night! The activity will start at 9pm, and participants will need to find ghost badges that are scattered throughout Portia town. You’ll have a limited amount of time to find as many badges as you can. When the time is up, the person with the most badges, wins! You’ll be able to trade these badges in for Day of Memories items at the Badge Exchange inside the Commerce Guild.

New wearables: Accessories

We’ve had accessories such as necklaces, sunglasses and earrings in the game for a while now, and these have added to different character stats but are invisible when your character is wearing them. We know you want to be able to see these accessories when your character is wearing them, so we’re making them visible in this update. So, if style is your thing, you’ll now be able to match your accessories to your outfit!

Item Upgrade: Wooden Storage Box

We’ve received lots of feedback about the difficulty of managing the items you have because they are being kept in multiple wooden storage boxes. This update will make managing your stored items a lot easier. Now, when you open one storage box, you will be able to manage the items in ALL of your storage boxes! We’ve also added the ability to sort your items at the click of a button! So for example: if you put wood into box A, and then some wood into box B, all wood will automatically be sorted into box A.

We really hope you all enjoy the new content we have added into My Time At Portia. Please keep posting your feedback, and reporting any bugs or issues you encounter, in the Steam forums.

Want to know what else is in this content update? Check out the changelist below!

Please note:
After this update, the trees you have cut down will regenerate, and some furniture may be removed from your house and delivered to your mailbox for placement again. Your skill points will also be reset, and will need reassigning.

You may also find that the loading time when leaving your house is quite long. We’re aware of this issue and are working on a patch to optimise this loading time.

We’d like to say thank you to all players who participated in the open test, your feedback is greatly appreciated. Your save data from v 7.0 will carry over to this version (v 8.0) just fine, but when switching to the main branch, please be aware that you will lose all food recipes (we have executed the programmer who is responsible*)


  • Added several main stories.
  • Added personal quests for Mint, Dr Xu, and Arlo.
  • Added the first version of the horse racing competition in Spring.
  • Added the first version of the fishing competition in Autumn.
  • Added new white horse in MacDonald’s stable.
  • Elite llama can be captured as a new mount.
  • Added mini game – exploring the ghostly cavern.
  • Added the first version of a new holiday – The Day of Memories in Summer.
  • Added factory. It will unlock after the construction of the harbor.
  • Added rest stop store, harbor store, and a Badge Exchange in the store in the Commerce Guild.
  • Added drop down menu to manage all storage boxes.
  • All storage box items will be shown when opening one storage box, and can be sorted.
  • Added furniture showcase which can display small decorations.
  • NPC location will appear on map when they are a friend of the player.
  • Added three outfits.
  • Added two hairstyles.
  • Added several new decorations.
  • Added electronic saw to cut trees.
  • Electronic saw can continuously cut trees.
  • Added Starlight Island, and dungeon on Starlight Island.
  • Added new weapon – knuckles and intimidating spear.
  • Expanded inventory screen by one page.
  • Added magnifying glass to Inspection mini game to help find distinctions.
  • Added a new photography posture.
  • Several NPCs can wear gifted items for a while.
  • Added several sound effects – sound of waterfall, sound of wind in desert, and sound of the waterwheel.
  • Added three mini games for dating/playing while in Django’s Round Table.
  • Added dating/playing event – fireworks.
  • Added the relationship network – relationship points with one NPC can change your relationship points with another NPC.
  • Tourists can take the bus to and from Portia.
  • Some tourists will go mining in the Abandoned Ruins, and sell their mined materials at the entrance of the ruins.
  • Relic scanner can be upgraded to level three – it can detect five items and display their names.
  • Added deedee station around hot spring.
  • Pressing any button will end the animation after successfully catching a fish.
  • Added the dog – Scraps.
  • Added Scraps’ toy.
  • Added the start time of holidays and competitions to the calendar.
  • NPCs can help clean the stable and use the irrigation tower.
  • When crafting an item – the number currently in your inventory will appear in the crafting interface.
  • Added two pieces of background music.
  • Added frameless mode.
  • The tip when successfully learning a craft recipe will be more detailed.
  • Edited some character voices and added more.
  • Added Explosive Spider.
  • Added background music for wedding.
  • Adjusted the skill tree and added more more skills.
  • Optimised loading.
  • Optimised loading speed and improved frame rate. We will continue to optimise in the next build.
  • Optimised pathfinding.
  • Some accessories are now visible when worn.
  • Electric drill can be used to break stone.
  • Players can only equip one item, even if they have multiples of the same item.
  • Food can no longer be used to fuel machines. Helpers will not use food to refuel.
  • Adjusted the maximum distance when taking photos.
  • Players can send a gift once a day.
  • Changed the juice from Day of the Bright Sun to lemon juice.
  • Fixed the bug where the space button would not work after the pressing the escape button when playing on the seesaw.
  • Fixed the bug in Gust’s quest where the actual deadline is different from the deadline shown in the quest detail.
  • Fixed the way of triggering Higgins side quest.
  • Camera lock on an enemy will be cancelled when the playing is riding a mount.
  • Fish will not starve to death if the player does not feed them, but they will need food to breed.
  • Players will not get stuck in the dungeon in the Highlands.
  • Fixed the bug causing the player character to disappear. Please let us know if you experience this issue again.
  • Fixed the bug causing Aadit and Lucy’s ‘love’ gift preference from showing.
  • Fixed the bug where the player cannot complete Tody’s mission while he is in prison.
  • Fixed several content errors.
  • Fixed the bug allowing players to jump out of a room inside the Hazardous Ruins.
  • Fixed the bug when holding up and item and trying to pick up more items from the crafting machine (pressing E continuously can make player pick up more of this kind of item, even when there’s not that many items in the machine).
  • Fixed the bug causing the store price to continuously show 140% of the regular price.
  • Fixed the bug causing the music box to continue to play music after the player has picked it up and added it to their inventory.
  • Fixed the bug showing a machine as still working, after it has instantly repaired an item. After cancelling the repair, the original item will be returned.
  • Fixed the bug preventing the relic scanner from working on certain items, for example: fan and soda.
  • Fixed the bug causing the music box audio to distort when moving the camera.
  • Fixed the bug where Ack has not refuelled a machine – the tip will show that Ack added 0 fuel.
  • Fixed the bug causing ‘Emily’s Well’ quest to not be triggered.
  • Fixed the bug causing tourists to appear in water.
  • Increased the attributes of the cotton llama.
  • Fixed the bug preventing wooden storage boxes and some other furniture items cannot be placed inside the house.
  • Increased the drop rate of valves in Abandoned Ruins 3.
  • Adjusted the mission trigger time on Starlight Island.
  • Adjusted Scraps’ favour items.
  • Added a new button to sort items from inventory into the wooden storage box.
  • Adjusted camera sensitivity.
  • Adjusted the background story of Scraps.
  • Fixed some text errors.
  • Lighting Kongming’s lantern can increase favour points.
    Bug fixes:
  • Fixed the error when using the Relic Scanner.
  • Fixed the bug causing players to get stuck when sitting on a chair.
  • Fixed the gifting animation of Oaks.
  • Fixed the display error of NPC’s umbrella hat.
  • Fixed the error when dating Gust.
  • Fixed the bug causing the wrong number of used materials to show when crafting items in the factory.
  • Fixed the trigger issue of some sound effects.
  • Fixed the bug when changing seasons.
  • Fixed the black screen in the abandoned ruins.
  • Fixed the bug preventing subsequent missions to trigger after the ‘Talk to Mint’ mission. If you have already encountered this bug, please take the task items out of the wooden storage box, or get one of the task items again.
  • Fixed the possible crash when exiting the haunted cave.
  • Fixed the crash when checking the Bacon Fish Roll.
  • Fixed the crash when players go to bed after filling up bait.
  • Fixed the visual bug when using the jetpack inside the Abandoned Ruins.
  • After using the intimidating spear, you will no longer receive a letter from the church, or experience a decreased in favour points with Nora.
  • Fixed the points of entry for the factory and camera positions.
  • The area of the Haunted Cave has been increased to account for some extreme cases in which medals could not be received.
  • In the quest ‘A Ruff Sleep’, Mint will wake up a bit later after the quest is picked up.
  • Fixed the bug causing the interaction to fail after choosing to stay in Gust’s Tomb cleaning quest.
  • Fixed the bug where workshop materials are displayed incorrect when they exceed one page.
  • Fixed the bug that shows an extra arm on the puppet model on the recovery machine.
    Additional Notes:

    * We did not kill the programmer

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  1. Elleree
    7月 25, 2018

    Leave a Reply

    Disappointed that this new story only lasted three game days for me. Now I’m back to grinding and storing up materials and gold again.

    • admin
      7月 26, 2018

      Leave a Reply

      we’ll keep updating the stories.We spent a lot time to optimize the performance so the new contents wasn’t much : P

  2. Kristoffer
    7月 25, 2018

    Leave a Reply

    The Day of Memories in Summer would be alot more fun if we could pick up the badges… nothing happens when clicking the pickup button, or any other button for that matters 🙁

    • admin
      7月 26, 2018

      Leave a Reply

      Thanks! We’ll discuss about it : )

  3. vorpal
    7月 25, 2018

    Leave a Reply

    I am so excited for this game. It is coming out for non-Windows platforms, right?

    Mac and Switch?

    Is there any idea when we can expect a release?

    • admin
      7月 26, 2018

      Leave a Reply

      Yeah, we’ll have mac, switch,xb, ps4 version. We were planning to release them all in Oct this year, but it doesn’t seem to be a good time. So we’re still discussing it.

  4. Gen
    7月 26, 2018

    Leave a Reply

    Your game is amazing, I’m so looking forward to playing in this new patch. Keep up the good work, best Devs ever!

  5. Patricia
    7月 28, 2018

    Leave a Reply

    “Yeah, we’ll have mac, switch,xb, ps4 version. We were planning to release them all in Oct this year, but it doesn’t seem to be a good time. So we’re still discussing it.”

    Can you tell if you’re planning on realeasing on October or after October? Or are you still discussing that too? Because I’ve been seeing this page almost everyday to see when it’s going to release on Switch and it’ll help me to know if it’s just after October. :p

    Just saying I don’t mind when it’s going to be released even though I wanna play asap. I’m just asking this because on January I read somewhere it was gonna be in August but after seeing this comment, I saw it’s not so that’s why I’m asking. 🙂

  6. Emily
    7月 30, 2018

    Leave a Reply

    I would like to make a suggestion about the stable. I feel as though it should be expandable to allow more mounts. I personally enjoy collecting all animals possible and have the white horse, normal horse, and the colorful llama. I would like to be able to have the Cotton Llama as well. I am unsure if you all are planning on extending the mount options more later in the game, but it would be a neat extra. Enjoying Portia very much so far! =)

  7. Plainkoff
    7月 31, 2018

    Leave a Reply

    Since now there is a drop down menu to manage all storage boxes, it would be nice if we could name they. It is so time demanding to have to click all the generic-named storage boxes in the drop down menu to find the one you want, that is often easier to just ignore this feature and walk directly to it.

    • admin
      8月 1, 2018

      Leave a Reply

      Thanks for the feedback, we’ll discuss about this 🙂

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