Hotfix for Harbour Update

Posted by on 6月 11, 2018

Part 1:

We’ve collected a bunch of feedback from you guys since the latest update went live, and worked fast to get things fixed for you!

Part 2:

Hey everyone,

We have another hotfix for the Harbour Update, this will fix the issue causing the achievements to stay locked, the lift diagram being missing in-game, as well as a few other issues. Here’s a changelist:

Change list:

Fixed the bug when completing an achievement but the achievement still shows as locked.
Fixed the animations when interacting with the llama.
Fixed the bug that players cannot ride to tame a new mount.
Fixed the bug causing the exit of Ingall’s Mine level 3 to be blocked.
Fixed the bug preventing the favor points of Antoine and Presley from increasing.
Fixed the character display error in some cutscenes.
Players can get the lift control diagram in the western highland mission. If you have already completed the mission but did not get the diagram, you will get it the next day.
Added cumin in Farm Store.

Part 3:

Hey everyone!

We added a ton of new content for this month’s update, so we didn’t have much time to test everything we wanted to. Thank you all for giving us feedback on all the bugs and design issues that you have faced. Ingall’s Mine Level 3 caused some major concern from players, we’ve taken away the timer and will be adding a “hard mode” level for that ruin in the next major update. We’ve also tweaked the drop rate for the advanced engine, you should get that easy enough if you just follow the main storyline.

Also, removed Redshell, you can read more about it from Team17 here:


Part 4:

Another hotfix, we’ll probably release a beta build next time in advance so that some bugs can be sorted out earlier. Hopefully this is the last patch for the Harbor build as we want to get on to newer content. Also for the players that still didn’t get the harbor crane mission, it’s possible that too much time has passed that Higgins went ahead and built it.


Optimized the UI of sewing machine. If you want to revise any clothes, you’ll need to take a higher level clothes than the current one with you in your inventory.
Fixed the bug that Pinky cannot be interacted with.
Fixed the bug that while in the prompt interface, any conversation will freeze the game.
Adjusted detection method of the dismount location.
Adjusted the favor points that can be gotten from sparring.
Fixed the bug that the spouse won’t sleep in a level 4 house.
Restore the damage of bare hands while sparring.
Removed the feature that can dye furnitures while riding.
Fixed the bug that materials will go missing while in the recycling the machine.
Fixed the issue where if a player opens a machine when it’s crafting items, opening the machine doesn’t select the item.
Fixed the error with the ranking the yearly workshop competition.
Fixed the task display error in the mission of proposing to Ginger.
Fixed the bug where Emily fails to give a gift infront of the door.
Fixed the bug where the player will stand up on the mount when it falls.
Fixed the bug that the mount will follow the player into the fishing game even when the player asks the mount to stay.
Fixed the bug in the inspection mini game.

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  1. Jorx
    6月 11, 2018

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    Just wanted to say that I recently purchased the game (I love it). I am impressed by how active you all are in the community. Even as a new builder, I am finding myself hungry for what is to come in the future. Well done. Please keep it up and set the example for how a Dev Team should interact with its audience! 🙂

  2. Tommy Linquist
    6月 12, 2018

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    Stay away from this game.
    While they removed the RedShell spying software due to backlash, them even putting it in there in the first place shows how absolutely disgusting they are.
    Read more about it here :
    Oh, you think that sounds innocent enough?
    It “only” tracks what your machine has visited, not the “user”?
    The machine is your user.
    The user is your machine.
    I will never forgive such a despicable, immoral choice.

    • admin
      6月 12, 2018

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      Hey,Tommy. Sorry about this bothering you, our publisher must made some mistakes, we didn’t add that in the game. And we were told it’s been deleted now.

      • Mrskeegames
        6月 22, 2018

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        please add in the next update where you can move your mouse to a next screen while playing my time at portia. you can add hit Esc an the mouse can move it is always lock on the main screen the game is being played. please add this in the next update, I want to start back making content of your game but this one thing is keeping me from doing it.

        • admin
          6月 26, 2018

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          Hey, Mrskee. Thanks for the reply, it may be a bit difficult in technically for us. I assume you’re making a streamming? Or recording & edit videos? We usually make this done by ALT+TAB switching to desktops.Would it be helpful for you? We appreciate you making contents for us and feel sorry about this inconvenience.

    • Bodongs
      6月 13, 2018

      Leave a Reply

      I bet you’re fun at parties. Your complete and total misunderstanding of DRM is also really sad.

      1. Developers just about never have ANYTHING to do with what DRM goes into their game (they even replied to you to tell you it was the publisher, after the fact).
      2. That’s it. Back off. You’re using such strong language over something you’re just ill-informed about. This team has pour so much effort in creating a wonderfully awesome and fun product. They don’t deserve that kind of bad press when it was removed as soon as it came to their attention.

  3. Tim
    6月 18, 2018

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    Not sure what is going on but ever since the last update my avatar disappears. I have to go back to the main screen and start the day over again.

  4. Mrskeegames
    6月 22, 2018

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    Dev’s I want to ask for something. Please make it where the mouse can move to a next screen buy hitting Esc. Your game don’t do that, I want to start back making content of your game but that one thing is keeping me back.
    Hope to see it in July’s update.

  5. Ruth
    6月 24, 2018

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    I want to know if there is really going to be a switch version and when is coming.

    • admin
      6月 26, 2018

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      Yeah, there is. We’re planning to release it before the end of this year.

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