Another Small Patch

Posted by on 4月 8, 2018

After this patch, we’ll move on to our next big update coming near the end of April. There will be a patch in between to add in German and French translations.

Optimized the electrical grid in the home
Fixed crash while playing darts
Changed Emily’s gathering logic when married so that she doesn’t harvest a plant anymore
Fixed some English translations

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  1. Crimson
    4月 8, 2018

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    Ahhh honestly all this looks so amazing ;3;
    I there anything new about the PS4 release?
    My PC died a while ago so..I cant play the Game yet and need to wait for the console version ^^’

  2. SS Copter
    4月 8, 2018

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    Cool! Another patch coming. Anyway, I’ve been playing Portia for quite some time now. However it can’t be helped now and then, the lack of audio supports bothers me quite a bit if not too much. I would really like to see more ambient sound (footsteps, door interaction, vibrant raindrop noises, nature sound, fountain, etc), also non-continuously repetitive BGM, and maybe a virtual surround audio output support as well for the upcoming big patch. Generally speaking, a patch focusing solely on audio enhancement. Just my two cents though. :3


  3. Cortland
    4月 9, 2018

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    I have heard you have a Mac version that you are working on. Is there any way I could beta test the Mac version?

    • admin
      4月 11, 2018

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      Team17 and our internal QA are going through the Mac version right now, don’t have a ETA yet, but should be soon-ish.

  4. Cortland
    4月 16, 2018

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    Awesome, I am excited to play it!

  5. Isabel
    5月 4, 2018

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    Is the next update coming soon? I can’t wait!

    The only problem with loving this game haha. You play though the new updates in a couple of hours and then have to wait months. Worth it though 🙂

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