Hotfix for The March Update Part 3

Posted by on 4月 2, 2018

Hey guys, here’s the hotfix for March update part 3. In this patch, you’ll see more issues that have been fixed. But there’re some of them are still pending.We’ll need more time to fix them in April’s update. For example,
1. When you ride and climb, you’ll find the camera is shaking. We’ll need to add one camera mode to make sure the camera will not shake.
2. Mint will not come back home after marriage.
3. The lag when you recycle the floor.
Besides, in the April’s update, we’ll also add the feature that you can move the furnitures directly instead of cutting them first.


Fixed the bug that the house and the assembly station will disappear for no reasons (you can re-build both of them in AG construction company and PLEASE PLEASE do re-build them first when you start the game after updating, or else the game may crash).
Fixed the bug that the mission Rescue in Ingall’s Mine
cannot be triggered.
Adjusted the position of drying rack’s position.
Fixed the time pause after the hugging.
Reduced the harm effect when got poisoned.
Added the lubricant as a dropping item in hazadous dungeon level 3 and level 4. And increased the dropping rate of lubricant in abandoned ruins.
Fixed the bug that the museum reward can get repeatedly.
Fixed the wrong room in hazadous dungeon.
Fixed the bug that the icon of the picture is different from what it really looks like.
Fixed the bug of Merlin’s path finding.
Fixed the display error of the character’s skin color after wearing worker’s suit.
Fixed the bug that the leather sofa could make the character stuck in.
Added the tips for the items which can be displayed in museum.
Fixed the bug that Emily and Ack both stuck in character’s front door.

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  1. Babykee
    4月 5, 2018

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    Hey dev’s.. I had to start over a new game mines didn’t work after the update. That’s find because I really do love the game. In this new game Carol don’t have any new cloths. Also please make the horse jump.

    • admin
      4月 5, 2018

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      Can you send us the save to Please copy and paste the above in the email so we can know what the issue with the save is.

  2. Arqane
    4月 6, 2018

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    Any chance we could get more experience for social tasks? I haven’t tested out the playing task yet, and maybe it gives experience, but none of the basic social actions do. At the very least, it would be nice if sparring gave experience. Probably more for winning, but some just because it already has such a high stamina cost (it’s practice, after all). I made my character with more building/fighting experience, but now that I’ve got plenty of raw materials, I moved on to more social days. Still, it would be nice to get some experience for it instead of having to spend days gathering/fighting to level up. I really feel bad for social players, since I’m guessing it takes a lot longer for them to improve their skills right now.

  3. Sol
    4月 7, 2018

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    Hmm, dev, I’ve got a question, or probably an issue. I remember picking up a chest around the desert mine before the huge update and it gave me a nameless book. I opened it but got no recipe. Now, I just went back and found out that the chest is no longer there. I hope I don’t lose the book forever… Can it be fixed?

  4. Filipe
    4月 7, 2018

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    Hey guys!
    Are Large Planter Box supposed to have that high sell price?
    I mean, you can farm Disk Datas REALLY fast, and each Large Planter Box is around 180 Gols, or 120 (I can’t remember right now).
    So if you just farm Disk Data to buy Large Planter Box and resell it on the market, you can make gols way more faster than, I think, you were supposed to make.
    So in a few days I had like 15k+ gols just by doing that.
    The problem is: In a game economy, when you have something like that, you encourage people to not do the other contents that are less rewarding and harder. People should have little to no reason to get a work on the post board after that.
    Maybe in endgame this makes more sense, I’m still in month 3.

    Few ways to adjust it:
    -Make sell price way lower (I think would be the best option).
    -Make buy price way higher.
    -Turn down the Disk Data drop (But would affect other parts of the game, so I don’t know about that).

    Anyway, thanks a lot for the great game, I hope for more updates or DLCs! Cheers!

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