Hotfix for The March Update

Posted by on 4月 2, 2018

Hey guys, we’ve got lots of responses from the update we released last night. So if your have a save problem (furnatures or items were just missing without any reasons, and suddenly you become a stranger to all of citizens), please re-load the save from 4.0 once you update the game. Do not load the save from the last 5.0 version.


Fixed the bug after load the save.
Fixed the bug that once cancel the assembly station, will return gold.
Fixed the bug that cannot send gift to QQ pig.
Adjusted the drop rate of items.
Fixed the crash when the player met the collapse in the hazardous dungeon.
Fixed the bug that can get gold from store.
Fixed the bug that cannot add recipes.
Fixed the bug after upgrade the relic scanner.
Fixed the bug that some NPC will not take umbrellas in the raining day.
Fixed the bug that Ack will not barbecue in the raining day.
Ginger will come and visit the museum at night.
Added footprints and the special effects while walking on the desert
Adjusted the layout of the bubble talk.
Fixed the bug that NPC will not get on the horse when the player choose to ride with the NPC.
Added one page capacity of the inventory.
Adjusted the required number of animal bones for the mission A Green Wall.

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