My Time at Portia Patch Notes. 4.0807

Posted by on 2月 1, 2018

Since our last patch four days ago, we’ve been collecting your feedback and we are working on changes and fixes.

Here’s a list of the changes included in this patch:

Fixed the bug that entering/leaving the abandoned ruins will freeze the game. But cannot guarantee, if you still have this issue, please keep contact us.
Added more conversation after Phyllis get married, Phyllis shall not say “Dr. Xu is a great doctor!”. And added more conversation for Ginger, Emily, and Gust.
Fixed the bug that the Tree Farm cannot produce wood. But the production setting will reset to quantity, you can change the setting to quality if you want.
Optimized the animation when players cutting trees, mining, and attacking, and the action will be more smooth.
Added more options for setting up the camera sensitivity and optimized the move of the camera. But need to reset first.
Removed the stamina consumption when waving an axe or pickaxe but hit on nothing.
Adjusted the drop rate for some items (Copper Wire, Silicon Chipset, Colourful Fur and Bat’s Wing).
Adjusted the maximin number per one pack for several items, changed the number to 500.
Removed the setting that NPC’ favour will drop if players haven’t talked to them in a long time period.
Added the controller button layout to the favour interface.
Adjusted the sorting rules. The item will go directly to your bag if you already have it, but it will be added to the shortcut if you don’t have any.
Adjusted the sorting rule of emails. Emails are sorted by time.
Fixed the crash when players deleting the save.
Added options for the frame rate lock.
Fixed the bug when resetting the vertical sync failed.
Adjusted the CG.
Fixed the crash when using the cooking set.
Added the setting that characters will be undefeated once they are in the conversation.
Optimized the lighting in abandoned ruins.
Added the setting that characters will not be poisoned to death when opening the chest.
Adjusted the favour increase when donating in Temple
Added the reputation increase in the next day when the player advertise the workshop.
Changed the setting that the portal in the WOW Industries’ dungeon will not close after The Mouse King’s death.
Fixed the bug that the waiting before the dating/playing time cannot be interrupted if there’s any interaction with other NPCs.
Adjusted the dating/playing place in My Workshop.
Blocked the dating event that cannot be triggered.
Added more Chinese voice acting for Mei. Deleted Chinese voice acting for Nora, Sonia, Oaks, Mars, Albert.
Added one dating event, has changed Rest on the Lap into in the dating event.
Adjusted NPCs’ path-finding in the cemetery.
Fixed the bug that players can have multiple dates everyday after loading saves.
Adjusted the favour increase from each dating/playing events.
Adjusted the social skills of Fair Fight and Happy Camper.
Adjusted the favour increase after sending the items to NPCs, those items include Power Stones, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, rose, Journey from the East, Cooking Master, Farming Guide.
Fixed the bug that the dating/player partner might disappear after having sparring with other NPCs.
Fixed the bug that NPC cannot leave church.
Adjusted the required level for players get
Increased length of time Sanwa’s stays in town.
Added the outline of the item name for the wooden storage.
Added seasonal effect for three buildings.
The stones that closed to Amber Island cannot be break.
Fixed the result number display error when making dough.
The sofa that players get from the mission can be placed in house.
Increased the buff for Massage Chair.
Changed the coin consumption for playing the dart, players will only need to spend 20 coins on it. Adjusted the reward of mini games.
Deleted the commission that requires the loudspeaker. But will add this commission in the later version.
Added the statue Armor of a Knight. It can be redeemed in the game centre in The Round Table.
Updated the UI for NPC
Added one fish into Pinky’s favourite food list.
Adjusted the required heart for confession.
Adjusted the displaying error while introducing the NPCs.
Added two NPCs.
Fixed the bug that Ginger will choose spicy food and seafood which she doesn’t like at all when ordering menu.
Adjusted the favour increase when sending those books to NPCs which redeemed from the game centre.

Please continue to tell us when you encounter any issues. We’ll prepare the next patch as soon as possible.

Thanks for all your continued support and feedback!

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  1. Xee
    2月 2, 2018

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    Please consider the 500 stack option on more crafting material items. Tree sap and some others add up fast and eat up lots of storage. Keep doing a good job and being so consistent on patching! Thanks!

  2. Pyrogirl8
    2月 5, 2018

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    Who are the new NPC’s?

    • admin
      2月 5, 2018

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      A couple of visitors named Han and Cent.

  3. borvest inkral
    3月 17, 2018

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    Very well written story. It will be useful to anyone who utilizes it, including myself. Keep up the good work – for sure i will check out more posts.

  4. Silva Cueto
    3月 18, 2018

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    Some really excellent posts on this website, thank you for contribution. “It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer.” by E. B. White.

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