Alpha3.71 Patch

Posted by on 1月 3, 2018

This is a small patch for 3.7. Mainly fixed some bugs and did some tweaking.
Fixed: bug tree under waterfall.
Fixed: mobs’ ranged attacks miss the target.
Fixed: Sometimes can’t talk to Mysterious Man after load from save.
Fixed: Apricot Tree gives unlimited loots.
Fixed: Sometimes player is getting stuck after sit on a chair.
Fixed: Rat King is floating in the air.
Fixed: Sometimes eating in abandoned ruin will make player stuck.
Fixed: Sometimes player gets stuck while placing sofa.
Tweaked: Plant names displayed above Planter Boxes.
Tweaked: Increased the drop rate of Spines.
Tweaked: LOD of the building.
Fixed: Treasure Chest mislocated in dungeon.
Tweaked: The script of the Hardwood Sofa, now use Hardwood Plank instead of Wood Plank.
Fixed: Drying Rack’s script crafts Xylophone instead of Drying Rack.
Fixed: Fur is displaying in food production page in Workshop Handbook.
Tweaked: Changed some of NPCs height and weight.
Fixed: Bug report cannot be sent.

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  1. Furkan tunc
    1月 4, 2018

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    Dear pathea administors;
    I am playing demo of My Time at Portia and ı really like it.İt was seems simple game but while ı playing this ı can understand is not simple.The game is so fantastic.I wonder if ı want full game for yours you send me this on steam ? 🙂
    I cant wait 24th day of month because ı am studying and when this time ı wouldnt have times 🙁
    Thank you

    • admin
      1月 5, 2018

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      Thanks for playing! Currently our publisher Team17 is in charge of releasing the game, so we’re not able to do preorders. Just 3 more weeks though! 🙂

  2. Ucchigoro
    1月 8, 2018

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    Hi!! thanks for the update ! i was waiting a fix for the king rat levitating !

    But now every time i try to fix the pipe next to Sam the game have an error, i send the bug report too.
    Hopefully you are going to fix that soon too.

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