Here Is The Update Alpha 3.7 And Our Best Wishes!

Posted by on 12月 29, 2017

Today is our last workday in 2017, and here comes the new version (Alpha 3.7) of My Time at Portia.

But before we start our changelist, we would like to thank all of our beloved fans first. My Time at Portia wouldn’t have gone so far if there wasn’t your support and love. The first free demo of My Time at Portia has been released in the end of June, and after 6 months effort, we’ve had a great success on the Kickstarter campaign and now we had an Alpha 3.7, which is a more diversified, more optimized version with more features. It is your feedback and your advice that helped us make My Time at Portia better and better.

What’s more, we found a reliable partner in Team 17 this year, who together with us makes our community more active and makes our game more well-known by media and influencers. We really appreciate their effort and hope we can together make My Time at Portia a better game and known by more people in the coming new year.

In this version, we’ve added the farming system which you guys have asked for such a long time. It’s kind of balanced at the moment, but not completely. We’ve also added a break-up feature. So if you’re caught cheated in the game, you won’t get away with it too easily. And one more thing that needs your attention. If you load your save files from the last Alpha 3.5 version, you’ll find your skill tree reset. So congratulations, you get another chance to choose your skill path, yeah~

So, here is the changelist for you to check out. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave us comments below.

Have fun in Portia and happy new year guys.

After this update, skills will be reset, players can change their skill paths.
Saves can now have at maximum of 10 back-ups which will not be replaced by new saves.
Two new quests which will unlock Farming.
Farming is avalible now (8 plantable species, more on the way)
Can hide the hat in system settings.
More detailed NPCs info will shown on the Social UI.
New character models for Alice and Sonia.
Experience bar is now shown on character interface.
Items can now be sorted according to category.
Different tools now cost varying amounts of stamina.
Commissions at the Commerce Guild now displays experiences gained after commissions done.
Now finished quests will have a timestamp.
A bunch of new furnitures and a large storage box.
Sound effects for Chemical Dropout.
Right-click items in inventory will stack them up.
Chairs are now sittable.
Nora sells seeds.
Break-up options is now available.
A reminder of wedding ceremony will now be shown to players the day before.
A high-five between the NPC and the player after each round of the swing mini-game.
More item types in abandoned ruin, and a new secret room in the abandoned ruin.
New special effects for the WOW industry dungeon.
Completed special effects for the rat king’s attacks.
UI “acquire planter box” and “place planter box”.
UI “acquire fish tank” and “place fish tank”.
A new waterfall background for the High Land.
A message will pop up when try to add more than 5 ingredients into the Cooking Set.

Gifting now gives 1 Relationship Point instead of 2.
Optimised “Trading” feature for stores:
Store UI optimised.
Can buy back sold items at the selling price within that day.
Merchandise prices will change depending on seasons as well as weathers.
Stores now only buy a limited amount of certain merchandise per day.
A new Church Store, from which players can exchange seeds using old parts.
The tags in Assembly Handbook
Now the Giver and Smooth Talk works correctly.
Blueprints of Umbrella and Drying Rack.
Tody would deliver fishes to Django’s restaurant every day.
NPCs would occasionally go mining in abandoned ruin too.
Players will get discounts at Sophie’s farm store after marrying Emily.
Female main charactor dating animation like holding hands, hugging, swinging, and fishing.
Ginger now wears Umbrella Hat instead of holding Umbrella.
Item counting bug when inventry is full.
Rat king’s attack behaviours.
When Sparring, Rolling will be interrupted when take damage.
Tweaked Amber Island bridge’s model.
NPCs now would end dating/playing if they are needed somewhere else.
Some in-game texts.
Water wheel quest no longer gives civil furnace blueprint.
Players need to go finding Arlo to finish The Bassanio Lift quest.

Player getting stuck when try to open UI during cutting or mining action.
Bug of diplaying locked area when holding axe.
Gamepad is not responding after having read emails.
Sound effect volumn when machines in production.
Some skills’ bug.
charactor’s stats is not showing correctly after place furniture
Trees no longer drop items.
Fixed the display error of the farmland in autumn

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