Here comes the 3.5 update.

Posted by on 12月 2, 2017

Here comes the 3.5 update.
In this version, we’ve added a new area with a new dungeon inside. And several new features on the relationship system. But just like we said in the last post, this is just a work in progress version with little polish. If you want to have a more stabilized version, you can wait until 4.0 comes out.

Since the saves from the previous version will not work in this update, we’ll provide you guys a save file in which you can start the new mission in the 3.5 instead of starting over the game again.

Here is the download link for the save.

Please put the save under C:\Users\users name\AppData\LocalLow\Pathea Games\My Time at Portia. Then you’re ready to go.

Added High Land
Added New Mission: The Rat King. New Dungeon. New boss:Rat King.
Tweaked starting time for some main missions.
Added you will recive benefit as your relationship impove with a NPC. Benefit includes: extra orders from NPCs, discounts at NPCs’stores, receive gifts,extra stats and etc. (still working on UI)
Added level requirement to Equipments.
Added new furniture: fish tank added. Players can farm fish. The blueprint costs 5 data discs.
Added Dr Xu’s clinic (inside)
Added hat can show up on player model.
Added player can rotate avatar around in the charater creation interface by hold right mouse button.
Added new NPC greetings.
Added four new hairstyles, two for each gender.
Added Drawing mini-game is available during dating.
Added Swinging minigame (tweaking) is availabe during dating NPCs.
Added players can recover some stamina by sitting on chairs.
Added Civil Corps now would attack mobs.
Added punishments to overdue or give-up on commissions
Added NPCs’levels are now shown during sparring.
Added NPCs can sprint during sparring.
Added locked areas will be covered by mist on world map.
Added target quest locations on the Worldmap, showing both quest and target NPC’ names, when clicked by mouse or gamesticks.
Added NPC photos with a task sign appear when viewing tasks.
Added a Bakery and a Flower Shop added.
Added jeoulsy Feature.
Added three new fish.
Added a list of new acssesories and furnitures.
Added new quarry spot added near Oaks’.
Added interactions with NPCs during dating: Hold hands, Hold by the wist.
Added a dating location : in front of the workshop.
Added Players can kick tree when hold items with both hands.

Tweaked mobs respawning area, so they are easier to find.
Tweaked mobs’ behaviour so they are harder to fight with.
Tweaked two trees without tree trunks and stumps.
Tweaked stone falling trap in the old dungeon.
Tweaked requested items and rewards in the Django’s sword quest.
Tweaked mobs’ locations in the cave on Amber Island.
Tweaked Sophie’s basket mission.
Tweaked special effects when acquiring items in the tree farm commission.
Tweaked some scripts.
Tweaked how NPCs receive gifts.
Added exit dating or playing when attacked by mobs .
Tweaked confess button is unclickable if players don’t have necessary items.
Tweaked some assemble items require blueprints.
Tweaked Petra’s behaviour so she mostly stays in Research Centre.
Tweaked Pinky’s behaviour so it stays under eaves when raining.
Tweaked Dating spots are now separated from playing ground.

Fixed 7HOM for 7:00 on one of the dating UI.
Added “Draw” to spar
Added restrictions on restarts for the old dungeon.

Fixed sometimes zoom-out on worldmap will deviate.
Fixed when accessories are chosen, no decriptions.
Fixed Can’t RPS when holding stuff in hands.
Fixed game crushes when calculating mood of play-buddy.
Fixed tree on the right-hand side in Hazardous Ruin.
Fixed sometimes game crashes when place a item at the border of your house yard.
Fixed sometimes interactive icon show up but can’t interact.
Fixed can’t chose to view Commerce Guild Handbook using gamepads.
Fixed game crashes when pressing Y on gamepads during crafting.
Fixed can’t chose to view Commissions using gamepads.
Fixed sometimes player got stucked when fight the snaillob.
Fixed no animation for cutting bush in winter.
Fixed game crashes when clicking Petra’s location on the Worldmap during “De de transport” commission.
Fixed NPC in sleep will teleport to player when activate quests at night.
Fixed UI “items unplacable” won’t dissapear.
Fixed collectable stones in the field won’t respawn.
Fixed loot on trees won’t respawn.
Fixed trees no longer respawn in house yard.
Fixed some inaccessible levels become accesssible once the previous one were passed.
Fixed skill trees can now be renewed when starting new games.
Fixed sometimes game crashes after upgrading assembly station.
Fixed sometimes ores were identified as rare drops in ruins.
Fixed players can not sell things worth a max of 9999 gols.
Fixed certain NPCs are invincible during sparring.
Fixed Li’s donation box bug.
Fixed player can not collect more than 99 items in one drop.
Fixed sometimes antidote desen’t work.
Fixed stones won’t respawn after season 2.

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    Super excited to try out this new update!

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