My Time at Portia Kickstarter Extension Is Closed

Posted by on 11月 27, 2017

Hey everyone! Portia team here,

It’s over! The Kickstarter Extension have come to an end. After 45 days we’ve raised an extra of $20,252 that makes a total of $166,949 including the original campaign. Thank you very much to every one of you for pledging and supporting our game! Thanks to you, the world of Portia will be even more awesome!

If you didn’t get to pledge, don’t worry! The Early Access release of the game is set to be released by the end of January ’18 so you’ll be able to join the other folks in Portia.

For all the backers who pledged for the beta access, we’ll be releasing the new Alpha 3.5 that’ll include some extra features to the game as well as some of the necessary bug fixing.

And that’s it for now! The team will keep working as hard as now to make sure My Time at Portia becomes a truly amazing experience. We’d love to have reached some extra stretch goals for adding more cool things into the game, but don’t worry! If we have enough time, we’ll add some of that stuff later into the final game 😉 .

Have fun and see you in Portia!

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