Alpah 3.0 Update and the Kickstarter Extension

Posted by on 10月 16, 2017

We’ve been working very hard on the alpha 3.0 build, we’ll probably have a release candidate on Wednesday or Thursday, just finishing up the translations (which is hard as heck due to context) and fixing all the bugs, the key components that we listed in that change list are all complete. Here are a few screens to tide you over the next couple of days:

Now, the Kickstarter Extension that we mentioned in the last update. We’ve setup the website and it is live, you can visit here:

All payments will be through Paypal. All the stretch goals are in play, we’ve added several new ones:

So once again, if you know someone who missed the KS and wants to get in on the action for the beta period starting this week, please tell them about it! 🙂

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  1. Yaseen
    10月 16, 2017

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    Cool it’s really nice to hear these news I liked it and I’m happy to play this game without bugs ,and thanks for all your hard working.

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