We’ve Hit Our Kickstarter Goal!

Posted by on 10月 11, 2017

We ended this Kickstarter campaign at 146%! Thank you to everyone who pledged from the bottom of our hearts! You have our eternal gratitude!

Up next, we’re going to spend the next week organizing everything we need to ask and sending out the Backer Survey. In the survey, backers will be asked for information like address, or name to be used in the credits, or which console.

We’re thinking of doing a Kickstarter Extension through Backer Kit to try to get to more stretch goals and to allow the people who completely missed out on the Kickstarter to get a chance at the exclusive items, we’ll probably decide on that tomorrow as well (it’s late night here).

But the main thing is we’re going to focus on making the game awesome, getting it ready for next week’s alpha 3.0, EA, and beyond!

Thank you all!

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  1. MarioKnight
    10月 12, 2017

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    I’m happy to hear that cause I played the demo on steam and IT’S AWESONE

  2. SalamiCzar
    10月 14, 2017

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    Congrats. Look forward to what you do with the support!

  3. Yaseen
    10月 16, 2017

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    This game is really beautiful, it has a very amazing graphics and I surprised for seeing a game like this in PC, despite it’s few bugs but it’s nice in every thing, and I hope you develope it more and more.

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