Kickstarter and Our Development Schedule

Posted by on 9月 4, 2017

After we decided to do a Kickstarter, there have been an outpouring of support, we’re very thankful for it! There’s been some schedule changes over the last week that we’d like to address.

First, the Kickstarter has been pushed back a week to September 11th, it’ll run for 30 days, and we’re aiming for $100,000. Please start letting anyone interested know! We’ll need all the help we can get!

As some people have pointed out, the game’s Early Access has been pushed back to January to give us more time to polish and add things. We want the first impression to be a good one! It will retail for $19.99 during EA. The final version is aiming for August 2018. There will be an alpha 3.0 before the game gets on EA, that version will be available to Kickstarter supporters in late October.

Finally, a look at the new female player model in game:

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  1. Kaznosa
    9月 5, 2017

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    Don’t mind the wait myself, make the game as good as possible for the audience!

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