Alpha 2.0 Released and Kickstarter

Posted by on 8月 7, 2017

After a slight delay, My Time at Portia alpha 2.0 is ready to go. You can download it on Steam.

First, the bad news, due to the continuing changes to the story, the saves from last build won’t work in this build. Once we enter Early Access, we’ll try to keep this to a minimum if at all. Also, we’ve readied a save file for you to use if you don’t want to go through with the starting part again (it does have some changes to that part though), you can download that here. Many things changed from the last build, we hope you’ll spend some time and travel around the world to see the changes. If you have any feedback (that’s why we’re releasing these alphas), please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Another thing is that we’ve decided to proceed with the Kickstarter. We have around 20 people working on the game right now, we want to increase that number to about 25, mostly to have more artists since we want to make the art in this world more detailed. We could wait a bit until the money from Early Access comes in, but that would be a few months from now and we want to increase our production right now. It’s also a great tool to increase the spotlight on the game, especially now that we don’t have Greenlight anymore. We’re still discussing the details, so more information will be forthcoming later this week.

Here’s the changelist

Added new indoor room models
Added new NPC models
Added new music tracks
Added models to the Abandoned Ruins
Added Amber Island dungeon
Added Dee-dee transport usage for fast travel
Added new missions
Added inverse camera
Added pressing T to change placing direction when holding an item
Added autorun when pressing middle mouse button
Added eating at the restaurant, can eat once everyday
Added disregarding a commission
Added tutorial reminders for cutting, digging, and fast traveling
Added max and minimum numbers for UI numbers selection
Added talking to a NPC everyday gaining 1 relationship point
Added new craft-able items
Added saving music volume
Added effects and animation for fixing the player home
Added some special attacks for some NPCs
Added preaching, donating, and going to church on Sundays
Added NPC greeting the player when having a good relationship with the player (except the snobby type)
Added new NPC behaviors, such as eating at the restaurant and going to school
Added new UI
Added cutscenes for Emily’s romance storyline
Added Higgins going to the Commerce Guild every morning to grab a commission (and it will be one less for the player)
Added more behaviors for QQ pig and Pinky cat
Added putting down the Dee-dee like a furniture
Added player death ending the game
Added option to tweak background music
Added more details to the large map UI
Added other animals and NPCs reacting when the player picks up a chicken or duck
Added new effects
Added the A&G Constructions company can move the Worktable and Assembly Station
Added more controller support
Added sheep
Optimized worktable controls
Optimized the AI behavior for the Day of the Bright Sun activities
Optimized tutorial prompts
Optimized loading speed when exiting a building
Optimized some player attack effects
Optimized grass rendering
Optimized the lighting model
Tweaked the appearances of item and enemy HP displays
Tweaked NPCs’ most liked presents, everyone has a favorite
Tweaked the way commissions are handled, some commissions need to be given to the NPC instead of Antoine
Tweaked the trees for all the seasons
Tweaked hairstyle 2 to allow for resizing
Tweaked fishing
Tweaked the grill to allow 5 items at once
Tweaked items needed to craft the stone furnace, the skiver, and the woodcutter
Tweaked the exit and entering point of NPCs, as well as added open door animation
Tweaked mouse sensitivity in options
Tweaked the NPC sleeping behavior to disallow interaction during that time
Tweaked jetpack landing animation so that the animation depends on how high the player gets
Tweaked some text colors for clarity
Tweaked fishing and darts UIs
Tweaked tutorial UI
Tweaked character models
Tweaked the taking back a placed item with an axe to swinging twice instead of once
Temporarily turned off the dating system pending code rewrite
Fixed the stone furnace sometimes getting the player stuck
Fixed the background music sometimes stop playing
Fixed player entering sparring not at full HP sometimes
Fixed issue with player entering a spar with an item equipped
Fixed copper pipe dropping below the ground
Fixed relationship falling to zero when reading a save file
Fixed when picking up a storage box, the items spread out on the terrain doesn’t add up right
Fixed crash when chopping a tree

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  1. NightShadow
    8月 7, 2017

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    Noooraaaaaa!!!!!!!!! noooo!!!!! What have they done to her?

  2. Mary
    8月 7, 2017

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    So excited for all of this! Booting up now and I can’t wait to check out all the new content.

  3. SnailobsterLv99
    8月 9, 2017

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    I like the new looks on Phyllis and Lee. And Nora… she’s the humble mature type I guess, but that girl scout hat… I just can’t stopping looking at it lol

    This is pretty big improvement from Alpha 1.0. My favorite changes are fishing, quest tweaks, dungeon, and new music.

  4. Dom
    8月 16, 2017

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    1: I’ve made 2 tuktuks; I’m on my 3rd (missing an engine) but the Mysterious Guy has disappeared (I’m in 2:25). Will he reappear or will I need to restart/abandon that job (& does anything interesting happen once all tuktuks are complete)?

    2: Plant spawning (lack of fibre/wood) still isn’t fixed, altho I like the rats giving worn out fur 🙂 Could the mushrooms (I forget the name, splatterbug?) or pandas also drop fibre? Presumably the dung from ladybugs will be used as fertiliser once farms are up..

    3: I had some mission givers stay in an inaccessible areas (eg Civil Corps building); I had to wait until they came out to give them the goods..

    4: Similar to above, a map location pin accessible from Quests screen may be a good idea if several quests are active, so can hlight the quests to be completed first (& the actors requiring the quest item(s))

    5: The data disc bit is currently confusing: the text says they’re needed to create more (advanced?) items, but other than 1 or maybe 2 quests they don’t seem to be used..

    6: A note to say things are planned but not currently used would save wasted time (eg the personal tuktuk, the assorted work station/area upgrades etc)

    7: The new adv area (once explored) becomes inaccessible again 🙁 It’d be nice to have that opened up for farming/mining once the quest has been completed.. perhaps with increased rat spawns if ignored (until another theft plague strikes, then a custom TH mission generates to wipe them out again..)

    Other than that, very good job on the update: TVM! 🙂

  5. Bing
    8月 17, 2017

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    does anything interesting happen once all tuktuks are complete?

    For now player can fix deedee stop, after placing the stop player can start do teleport on the map.

    • Dom
      8月 18, 2017

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      I’ve done all the stops; my question was about the vehicles..

  6. cascainho
    8月 20, 2017

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    Hey there! I’d like to report a bug that I found when gifting Emily. Spoilers ahead!
    I started the “Toby’s little crush” quest, and decided that gifting a rubber fruit to Emily would be best. Gave it, said it was Toby’s and it ended there. However, after that quest, I was only able to give rubber fruit to her, nothing else. I tried removing all the fruits from my iventory, but then I wasn’t able to give anything to her, as if my iventory was empty. If you need any more detail, send me an email!
    Awesome game, keep up the good work!

  7. Bronwyn
    8月 25, 2017

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    I’m not sure if it was intended, but as I entered month 2, about 40% of my trees/bushes are no longer target-able and I can no longer chop them down. I even bought the 2nd upgrade (15,000) to my lot, and there are a bunch of trees/bushes that are now permanently stuck inside my lot.

    Also, a few bugs I found:

    When fighting Arlo for the Civ Corps quest, it would crash the game every time I defeated him in a sparring match.

    Also, just today I crashed after completing the quest where Emily asks me to help her wrangle the chicks into the cage.

    Will keep you updated if I find anything else, otherwise, keep up the great work!

    Also, look forward to testing new content and maybe getting to ride one of the Dee Dee cars I can build.

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