General Update on Alpha 2.0

Posted by on 7月 27, 2017

We’re aiming to release the alpha 2.0 build of My Time at Portia on August 3rd. Here’s what we’re working to improve in this build:

Nora Changed
So we had some debate regarding Nora’s outfit, we decided it didn’t really fit the type of Church we were going for, which is like a Taoist naturalist church. So we changed her character design. We moved the old Nora design to Phyllis, the nurse.

Indoor Models
We’ve added several new rooms, from the church to the school.

The Haunted Cave on Amber Island dungeon
We’ve been working hard on extending the storyline for this build, one of the main pieces is the cave on Amber Island.

New Areas
We’ve started work on several new areas, we probably won’t open them to public even though they’re in alpha 2.0, since we have got to leave something for the paid version. But here’s a preview:

New Lighting Model
We upgraded the game’s lighting model and character shaders, now there’s more contrast and overall better rendering effect.

No images for this one, but we’ve optimized the game in several areas. In this build, a 750ti should be able to run this game near 50fps when playing on good. The loading that happens when entering and leaving rooms has also been shortened.

In other news, a lot of players have asked us if we’ll do a Kickstarter, we’re thinking about it. On one hand, we could use the money to make the game better as well as the publicity, but on the other hand it does take time to set it up and would be a really hard slap in the face if it doesn’t succeed. So it’s a trade off, risk versus reward.

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  1. SalamiCzar
    7月 27, 2017

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    I’m really enjoying what you have built so far. If you created a Kickstarter I believe you could easily make your goals.
    I look forward to buying the completed game. Good luck with everything.

  2. OtterProper
    7月 29, 2017

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    Our 7yr old, Max, and I have played this alpha release since day 1, and I’ve gotta say: he’s completely hooked already, and totally excited to give feedback for future builds. This summer, of course, has gotten in the way of quality video game time (sunshine and vacations do that, I hear), but the advent of v2.0 will be a nice reminder for him, no doubt about it. He’s almost able to finish the golf cart vehicle (sans small engine yet), and will likely leap at all the new stuff you’ve got going in v2, so keep up the great work! This is already a game that his mom and I are happy to let him learn within, so we’re all three excited for building toward the retail version. 😀

  3. SnailobsterLv99
    7月 31, 2017

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    With many possible ideas to expand this game to perfection, I can see why a Kickstarter project is needed. Good luck! Can’t wait to see how all things come together at the end.

  4. NightShadow
    8月 4, 2017

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    Nora??????? NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Do not change it please!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let her dress the same!!!!!!!!! Is my favorite character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. SteveIsADad
    8月 7, 2017

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    While “sexy nurse” is a more traditional trope than “sexy minister”, I’m not sure either of them fit the style of the game, which does not seem to be overtly provocative in any other way. I’m torn, really. I like looking at that kind of character model, myself, but as I’ll be sharing this game with my school-age daughters, I’m also very conscious of the sub-text involved in costumes with a boob window.

  6. SuperSarcosmic
    1月 15, 2019

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    I adore Nora’s current design, she seems like a nice, friendly girl now. The old design (and even Phyllis’s current one) make me uncomfortable, especially since I wasn’t expecting any provocative themes in this game and it seems to clash a bit with the general feel of the world. But if Phyllis wants to be a woman of both brains and boobs AND show them both off, then all the more power to her.

    Congrats on leaving Early Access!

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