New content on the way: Casual life in Portia

Jul. 12, 2018 by 8 comments

We’ve been working hard on optimising the game and creating new stories and missions for the next update to My Time At Portia, and today we’d like to share some more new features we’re going to be adding in too!

A new location, a new pet, new story and more!

Jul. 5, 2018 by 8 comments

Throughout Early Access, our aim has been to release new content regularly and our development team are working hard on the next update. We are aiming to release new content by the end of this month – and we will

Dev Log Update

Jul. 4, 2018 by No comments

This month, our most important mission as developers is to optimise the performance of My Time At Portia. Our full development team, from programmers to artists, are all working on this with the aim of making My Time At Portia

Disappearing character? Send us your feedback!

Jun. 26, 2018 by No comments

Hi Portians! We have received reports from players that they have encountered a bug which causes their character to disappear. We are looking into what is causing this and would appreciate your feedback. In a number of instances, this bug appears for players using nVIDIA 10 series and AMD graphics cards, such as gtx1060 or rx480. If you experience this bug, have experienced it previously, or think you can reproduce it – please email us at with information on how you encountered this bug, your PC specs, and your game save file. Steps on how to find your game save file can be found here: Gathering this information will help us to find out what’s causing this issue, and fix it. Thanks, we really appreciate your help!

Hotfix for Harbour Update

Jun. 11, 2018 by 10 comments

Part 1: We’ve collected a bunch of feedback from you guys since the latest update went live, and worked fast to get things fixed for you! Part 2: Hey everyone, We have another hotfix for the Harbour Update, this will

HARBOUR UPDATE – NOW LIVE! (Changelist included)

Jun. 8, 2018 by 7 comments

Hey Portians! The next update for My Time At Portia is here! We’ve upgraded Unity, and recruited some talented writers to help us shape the stories of Portia. In this update, you’ll get to experience more stories and quests, as

Coming Soon: A new ride, a new weapon, and achievements!

May. 23, 2018 by 16 comments

ey Portians! We’re excited to share with you a first look at what you can expect to see in the next update for My Time At Portia. We’ve just upgraded Unity, which will help us with optimisation and compatibility, and


May. 15, 2018 by 2 comments

Hey Portians! The newest content update for My Time At Portia is now officially live! If you have been playing on the ‘open_test’ branch, you will need to switch back to the default branch in order to update your game.

Introducing Camera Mode – Coming soon

Apr. 16, 2018 by One comment

Hey Portians, Today we’re excited to reveal a new feature that’s coming in April’s content update – Camera Mode! This new feature will allow you to take pictures with a camera and store them in an album, giving you the

Another Small Patch

Apr. 8, 2018 by 6 comments

After this patch, we’ll move on to our next big update coming near the end of April. There will be a patch in between to add in German and French translations. Optimized the electrical grid in the home Fixed crash