My Time at Portia v1.1 – Hotfix 2

Posted by on 一月 29, 2019

Hi there!

We’ve just released a patch to fix a few bugs and issues. You can read the see the full changelist below!

If you have encountered an issue or think you have found a bug, please let us know in the Report A Problem forum here on Steam.


  • Fixed the bug that Arlo would continue to follow the player during the “Training for the Flying Pigs” quest.
  • Fixed the bug where Tody, Martha and Higgins might stand outside the Commerce Guild door after the fireside meeting.
  • Fixed the bug causing Gust to repeat the same dialogue after you marry him.
  • Fixed the bug preventing the lock frames option from working.
  • Fixed the crash when pressing the left and right mouse buttons at the same time when holding an item.
  • Fixed the bug where players cannot interact with the food on the table during the Autumn Festival.
  • Fixed the bug where players will stand on their mount when interacting with the pan during the Autumn Festival.
  • Fixed the bug where items could be duplicated.
  • Fixed the content error when giving NPCs their favourite gifts.
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  1. Paula
    一月 29, 2019

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    Hello, love your game! Great work at patching and adding new content so far! I hope you keep this up =) But I have this annoying bug where I can’t complete Arlo’s quest “A Strong Man’s Adventure” because the quest area is not marked on the map (also he goes to fight everrrrry monster so I can’t even search for it myself because it takes ages to tow him around the desert).

  2. Nobi
    二月 1, 2019

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    waiting for excited updates!

  3. Luis
    二月 2, 2019

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    hi, is the museum bug fixed? cause i donated all the king fish but still cant get my crystal tank and master fishing rod. please help!

  4. Skyz
    二月 2, 2019

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    So when is my time at portia will be in nintendo switch

  5. Jen
    二月 2, 2019

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    Hello! I seem to be having problems with activating the quest “Emily’s Invitation”. I received her letter in the mailbox and she did have a quest marker over her but couldn’t activate it and then the quest marker is gone, never appearing again even though the quest wasn’t activated.

  6. Blayne Yohe
    二月 3, 2019

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    Unnerf fishing somewhat . You had it way to worth it, now it’s not worth it at all. Ie Golaith is now 140? Make it 240 and 8m. That’s median between the 2 points you have. Otherwise great game. Thank Ray Aka Brownman, he is the reason I bought this game and probably many others.

  7. Chzbrgrbckpck
    二月 4, 2019

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    Hello, I have a bug where Arlo is still following me and I can’t get them to stop. This is what’s going on. I wake up and speak to Arlo. Sometimes, we already have a play date scheduled for that day. You schedule dates a day in advance. If we have something going on later that day, I’ll approach him and have a few options. “Talk”, “Gift”, and the training quest which is the event that causes the bug in my specific instance. If I do have a play event later that day with him, once I select the training quest I get random dialogue of him canceling our date later that day. Then I need to finish the quest, which is just to run around with him to certain locations. Once we get there, I get a two second cutscene saying something along the lines of “nice workout!”, that completes the quest and I’m done, but he will continue to follow me no matter where I go. How can I get him to leave me alone? Thank you.

  8. Mark
    二月 6, 2019

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    I may have missed it but is there already a way to decorate empty shelves once you put it in your house ?

  9. David
    二月 7, 2019

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    Hi, I’ve noticed that the player voice during conversations and cut-scenes seems extremely low and quiet compared to the npcs. Specifically the 2nd male voice for the character. I’ve also noticed two items from the A&G construction the red and yellow patio umbrellas do not seem to have visual assets in the game or it might be bugged as they are invisible.

  10. mihai
    二月 7, 2019

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    i like youre game

  11. Nicole Lee Gohn
    二月 11, 2019

    Leave a Reply

    The game needs swimsuit costumes and a boob slider, just like most games that allow you to customize your character.

    • Tommy
      二月 11, 2019

      Leave a Reply

      I agree with Nicole Lee Gohn. If you are able to marry and have children then you shoul be able to find your character attractive.

  12. Mom
    二月 12, 2019

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    Nicole Lee Gohn and Thomas are correct, i’m with them.

  13. Richard
    二月 14, 2019

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    The quest “Winning the Autumn Festival” which is an Emily Quest line automatically fails the morning of the festival before I even get out of bed.

    I fertilized the pumpkin each time.

    I have restarted and rebooted my PC with the same outcome. My character is also married to Emily, if that helps in the debut process.

  14. Irena
    二月 14, 2019

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    I have reached the age of five and I still can not fix the farm and I have taken the task road to the march the harder part and I can not do load game

    help me

  15. Four
    二月 14, 2019

    Leave a Reply

    Yeah great game maybe more customization for you character hairstyle and scars new beard aka arlo.

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