My Time At Portia: Update v1.1

Posted by on 一月 24, 2019


In today’s patch we have added several new features including side quests, and UI and audio adjustments, as well as fixing a number of bugs and addressing issues that have been reported by the community.

Please continue to report bugs and any issues you encounter in the Report A Problem forum.




  • Add some environmental sounds – bugs buzzing sound in caves, birds chirping, and wind sounds.
  • Add some character voices – female player voice 2, male player voice 3, Arlo, Lucy, and Albert.
  • Add audio for mobs yell and llama footsteps.
  • Added quest after marrying Gust – Family Dinner with Gust.
  • Added quest after marrying Arlo – Exploring with Arlo.
  • Added quest after marrying Emily – Dinner at Sophie’s.
  • Added quest after marrying Mint – Under the Sun.
  • Added interactions with babies.
  • Added a new cutscene where Django talks about the Mystery Knight. This can be triggered before the quest to find the third key after the Council meeting.
  • Added the display of material sources in the workshop handbook diagrams.
  • Added a new step that the player needs to go inside the factory to activate the Assembly Station podium.
  • Added the ability to take photos with town folks on the Day of the Bright Sun.
  • Added a new key binding option – the mouse side button can now be assigned.
  • Added an on/off option for highlights. The default setting is off.
  • Added a new feature – time is paused when taking photos.
  • Added a new feature that your friend/spouse can gain some mood when player accomplish hazardous ruins’ challenge with them during playing/dating.
  • Added more displays in the Portia Museum.
  • Added more dialogue for NPCs.
  • Added a new feature that remaining Gols are displayed when playing slots.
  • Added a new feature that NPCs might come to the player’s home and send gifts on the player’s birthday.
  • Added photos of Bikini Flippers and Huge Snaillob to the photo album.


  • Cancelled the chat option in the NPC’s interaction bubbles during The Final Battle.
  • Set fixed places for mounts to stay when the player is in combat during storyline missions. Example: Your horse will not follow you into battle during these missions.
  • Optimised the graphics speed when playing the cutscene of the Final Battle.
  • Shrunk the area of the Martial Arts Tournament entrance so the player has less chance of being shut out.
  • Adjusted the number of birthday gifts the player can have, to 25.
  • Adjusted the UI icons of the seasons and weather.
  • Adjusted that the player will gain the diagram for the Triple Barrel Snakebite after the story of the Rat King.
  • Adjusted the behaviour of babies after getting milk powder and toys.
  • Adjusted that Arlo’s quest ‘A Strong Man’s Adventure’ needs to be triggered after building the Portia Bridge.
  • Lowered the price of some fish to match the difficulty of catching them.
  • Revised the description of the Rogue Knight’s sword requiring LV70 to pick up.


  • Fixed the problem that female player’s ponytail cannot be dyed black.
  • Fixed the problem that the female player’s face doesn’t display normally when in a cutscene.
  • Fixed some art and collision problems.
  • Fixed the problem that NPC’s cannot be hurt during sparring.
  • Fixed the problem that face make-up glows at night.
  • Fixed the problem that the table is recycled repeatedly.
  • Fixed the problem where Dawa will attempt to go to the desert before building the Portia Bridge.
  • Fixed the problem that Sophie was stuck in her home during the Final Battle.
  • Fixed the problem where Aadit sleeps in the wrong place in bed.
  • Fixed the problem that Gust may be stuck inside A&G Construction Company.
  • Fixed the animation, tools in hand and VFX problem of the workers.
  • Fixed the animation problem when larger characters are fishing.
  • Fixed the problem with seats being invisible inside Happy Apartments.
  • Fixed the overlap problem of Merlin.
  • Fixed the collision and location problem of Pumpkin Room.
  • Fixed the possibility that the player could get stuck in the seat in Gust’s room.
  • Fixed the problem that some mob spawn points did not spawn mobs.
  • Fixed the problem that changing the game time speed leads to more gifts being dropped on the airship during the Day of the Bright Sun.
  • Fixed the problem that the table cannot be recycled if player has placed it incorrectly.
  • Fixed the problem where NPCs may not sit around the table when attending the player’s birthday party.
  • Fixed the problem where the player can see the names of Pinky, Scraps and QQ before having enough hearts.
  • Fixed the problem that some NPCs can’t be hit during the Snowball Fight.
  • Fixed the problem that the player doesn’t get the rewards from the Portia Museum for collecting fish.
  • Fixed the problem that the photo in Sam’s home is bigger than the photo frame.
  • Fixed the collision problem of the Civil Cutter.
  • Fixed the light problems of some of the item preview pictures.
  • Fixed the suspended items and floor clipping in the Western Plateau.
  • Fixed the problem that the Rat King circles when being attacked.
  • Fixed the problem where the player cannot get rewards on the Day of Memories.
  • Fixed the problem that players cannot unlock the achievement when being 1st in the Day of Memories game.
  • Fixed the problem that players cannot unlock the achievement when getting 3 swords in Slots.
  • Fixed the bug where the player is unable to exit the dangerous ruins between 23:59 – 00:00.
  • Fixed the bug that Aadit and Dawa sleep in a same bed.
  • Fixed the bug that Gale gives the player money without having married Ginger.
  • Fixed the missing icons on the social tab.
  • Fixed the bug that the quantities of food taken from the banquet table are incorrect.
  • Fixed the bug where NPCs follow the player onto the Martial Arts Tournament stage.
  • Fixed the bug affecting the pose of some NPCs when taking a family photo.
  • Fixed failing loading saves which used the calendar reminder feature.
  • Fixed the problem where Gust or Ginger will transport to another place after chatting with them during the Snowball Fight.
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  1. Kura
    一月 24, 2019

    Leave a Reply

    you nerfed fishing way to much, you made it extremely hard to catch certain fish when they are not worth anything at all. for example the 30 gold fish at the waterfall should not take 10 distance to catch that is ridiculous. please look at it again and fix fishing to make it at least someone worth is.

    • admin
      一月 29, 2019

      Leave a Reply

      Thanks for your feedback, it’s been tweaked now

    • Matthew
      二月 4, 2019

      Leave a Reply

      hey been a lot of fun playing , but i really think you need a more advanced weapon customization system then whats currently implemented , i got real excited with the practice sword when i first got it because there was the option to add critical chance with some spikes but i found weapons were not as fun after the first one , also bought dye pigments in hopes of changing my clothes color turns out they were just another crafting material, and the skills should probably be more useful at the moment i can only see about maybe 10 skills that i would use out of the whole table and the rest look like fill ins that don’t make a decent impact on the game or make the user excited to level up. if you wanted to make dungeons more fulfilling then have rng drops that are unique but appropriately powered. love what you did with the basic mob like the cotton Llama appearing after defeating a group of colorful Llama and having the chance to get some unique to the creature drops and this is repeated with the other mobs having this same impact which really adds the adventure and mystery to defeating a unique mob. crafting and resource gathering is done well especially with addition of chainsaws and drills really gives you something to look forward to later on and makes the player feel like they are advancing.

    • CosmosSlayer
      二月 9, 2019

      Leave a Reply

      i was wondering i just got this game and it really laging on my windows 10 desktop computer and my sister laptop is this going to be fix i tired to low the graphics and resolution to the lowest setting and it still lag and crash it on me.

  2. Micaela
    一月 25, 2019

    Leave a Reply

    Why hasn’t the update been implemented yet if I purchased it from Epic?? My friend has steam and his updated yesterday.

    • admin
      一月 29, 2019

      Leave a Reply

      more steps to do on Epic store, we’ll make it happen ASAP 🙂

  3. David
    一月 25, 2019

    Leave a Reply


    Thanks for keeping the game updated, it’s a lot of fun.

    I’ve noticed a small issue with the graphics settings. The locked frames is stuck at 144 for me. I switch it to 60 and click save, but when I open it again it goes back to 144.

    • admin
      一月 29, 2019

      Leave a Reply

      We’ve fixed that in the latest patch.

  4. blade
    一月 26, 2019

    Leave a Reply

    next update nerf Higgins his too OP

  5. Shinryu
    一月 27, 2019

    Leave a Reply

    Do you guys have any plan to do with the save system. If you could change it into where we can save anywhere, that would be great!

  6. Shinryu
    一月 27, 2019

    Leave a Reply

    Do you guys have any plan to change the save system? If you could change it into where we can save anywhere, that would be great!

  7. Marc
    一月 28, 2019

    Leave a Reply

    Are there any difficulties with the GOG version?
    As of today there still are no patches out.

    • admin
      一月 29, 2019

      Leave a Reply

      We’ll make it happen ASAP 🙂

  8. Joss
    一月 29, 2019

    Leave a Reply

    What about an ETA on the patch updates for Epic Games and GOG. “We’ll make it happen ASAP” doesnt give us an idea as to when. Next month? A few days?

  9. RoonPhactory
    一月 30, 2019

    Leave a Reply

    Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if fishing got nerfed a bit. People are complaining about price of fish because the game pretty much forces you to fish, otherwise you stay poor. It needs more balancing, like making other methods more profitable. The game is starting to feel like a fishing simulator because there was no point in doing anything else.

  10. Carrie
    二月 23, 2019

    Leave a Reply

    1 day ago

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