Development Update: Mac Version of My Time At Portia

Posted by on January 12, 2019

Hello Portians!

We’ve had a lot of players asking whether we will be releasing a Mac version of My Time At Portia. The answer is – yes!

We’ve been working hard on developing a Mac version, running into some issues with the grass in game along the way, but we’re happy to announce that we’ve solved this issue and are now working on optimisation and ensuring the overall stability of the game on Mac!

We will be releasing the Mac version at a later date, after the full release on PC.

We’ll post an announcement with more information and a confirmed release date soon.

Thanks for your patience and support!

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  1. jdar
    January 13, 2019

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  2. Elyse
    January 13, 2019

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    Will the switch version be coming out the same day as steam?

    • admin
      January 18, 2019

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      No, console version will be released in this spring. 🙂

  3. Ryerye
    January 16, 2019

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    Ive checked here too many times. So thank you dev angels for making this come true!

  4. Rapscallion
    January 18, 2019

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    Thank you for letting us know! Please continue to keep us posted, we are waiting with bells on!

  5. George Fields
    January 20, 2019

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    Thank you so much for putting in the effort to support macOS. Would you try to make the Steam save game sync work cross platform too? Some games who work both on Windows and Mac (and perhaps others) do not implement it, and it’s a huge hassle to keep your progress in sync.

    Again, thank you for your efforts.

  6. bri
    January 22, 2019

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    thank you so much! Can’t wait to play!

  7. Ashly
    February 7, 2019

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    I want this game on my mac as well. I play it on my laptop but when i tried to load my save onto my gaming pc, it was 2 to 3 in game days behind. Is this a current issue you are working on as well?

  8. Alex
    February 14, 2019

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    Could we have another update on the Mac release?

  9. Lauren
    February 16, 2019

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    Do you have any updates on the Mac release date? I’m dying to play!

  10. Calley
    February 23, 2019

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    Mac release pleassee~~~~

  11. Cloe
    February 24, 2019

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    OMG! This made me so happy! This is a game I just know I will love, I look forward to any more news on a release date for it!

  12. Alice
    March 1, 2019

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    Any news on it? 😀

  13. Beka
    March 2, 2019

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    Mac release 🙏

  14. Nia
    March 2, 2019

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    Any updates on the mac release? I really cant wait to play!

  15. de rossi
    March 4, 2019

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    I only have a Mac and PS4 so I’m excited to play this game on whatever platform I can!

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