Update 9.0 – Hotfix Patch 4

Oct. 10, 2018 by No comments

Hey Portians! Today we’ve released another patch to fix some crashes and bugs, and adjust some features. Please see the full changelist below. Changelist: Fixed the bug causing Higgins workshop scores to increase unexpectedly at the end of each year.

Update 9.0 – Hotfix Patch 3

Oct. 10, 2018 by No comments

Hey Portians, Today we’ve put out a small patch to address a few more bugs that have been found in My Time At Portia. There are, however, a couple of bugs that will require further attention before we’re able to

Update 9.0 – Hotfix Patch 2

Sep. 28, 2018 by 2 comments

Hello Portians! Thank you for reporting issues you found since the most recent update and patch. This patch addresses those reported issues, as well as adjusting some other features, and adds support for Traditional Chinese! You can check the changelist

Update 9.0 – Live Now!

Sep. 21, 2018 by 2 comments

Hey there Portians! Update 9.0 is here, bringing with it new content, bug fixes and more! The first thing you should notice with the new build is our work on optimization. All players should see an improvement in their frame

New Content On The Way: Martial Arts Tournament

Sep. 18, 2018 by 3 comments

Hey Portians! We’ve had lots of feedback about the competitions in My Time At Portia, and lots of players asking if we were going to be adding any more. The answer is – yes! We’ll be adding a brand new

Adjustments & Bug fixes (including changelist)

Sep. 10, 2018 by 3 comments

Hello Portians! Thank you all for your feedback on our recent open test. This patch addresses the crashes and other issues you have reported. Please see the full changelist below. Change list: Added a dog bed to the Mysterious Man’s

What Kinds of Side Products Do You Want?

Aug. 16, 2018 by 14 comments

Hey everyone, we promised our backer of some side products on Kickstarter, like figures, plush toys… But what do you guys want? If you choose different characters, we can made some extras and sell them on Amozon store. So if

The Second Patch for The 8.0 Update.

Jul. 31, 2018 by 20 comments

Hello my fellow Portians. This is the second patch for the 8.0 update. Changelist:  Players can move freely when using the relic scanner. Fixed the bug that the mission after The brightest star in the night sky cannot be triggered. (If you’ve already talked to Phyllis and the mission still cannot be triggerd, then bring the spicy fish soup to her before the deadline.) Fixed the bug that the Starlight Island mission cannot be triggered. Deleted the candle after Mint’s Heart. Fixed the model of Phyllis in cutscene. Fixed the bug that the cost of the material in factory is incorrect. Fixed the bug that when control items using both controller and keyboard will duplicate items. Fixed the bug that when cancel crafting the item which requires three materials in the workshop, the third material will return in a multiple times number. Fixed the crash when revising the clothes. Fixed the crash made by the footprint. Fixed the crash when NPC blinking. Fixed the crash when pressing adding material button (A in Xbox controller, and X in PS controller) in an empty crafting page in the factory. Fixed the bug when selling item of which the price is much higher than the store can afford, thus made the gold number that the store obtains under the zero. Fixed the crash when using controller to move items in the material warehouse. Fixed the displaying error in the Starlight Island. Fixed the crash when the character’s name contains space. Fixed several crashes. There are two things you need to pay attention. First, if you ever encountered the save issue, here is what you can do. To those of you who play the game in one PC, for security, you can go to the load interface in game, choose the save file you want to backup, and click the backup button. So whether the file has been saved in the cloud or not, it will stay in your computer. To those of you who play the game in different PCs, for security, you can manually copy paste the save file. The path of these save file is C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\LocalLow\Pathea Games\My Time at Portia Second, if you start running the game, and suddenly the game disappears, desktop shows up with the game music playing. To solve this issue, you’ll need to change the setting of the graphic card. Click here for more instructions. If you experience any issues please report them on this: https://steamcommunity.com/app/666140/discussions/1/

STARLIGHT ISLAND UPDATE – LIVE NOW! (changelist included)

Jul. 25, 2018 by 11 comments

This month, we’ve been working on optimising the game. We have improved the frame rate, and the game now runs much smoother than before. We will continue to work on optimisation in the next few updates, to ensure that you

New content on the way: Casual life in Portia

Jul. 12, 2018 by 10 comments

We’ve been working hard on optimising the game and creating new stories and missions for the next update to My Time At Portia, and today we’d like to share some more new features we’re going to be adding in too!