Alpha 3.72 Patch

Posted by on January 9, 2018

This is a small patch for 3.7. Mainly fixed some bugs and did some tweaking.


Fixed bug when harvest Sisal.
Added new diagram drawing for Advanced Skiver.
Tweaked bug report UI.
Fixed stew Mix is not showing correctly.
Fixed some in-game texts.

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  1. Esther
    January 9, 2018

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    Can you make trees spawn or can we plant them since we use so much wood as base materials?

    Thank you

    • admin
      January 10, 2018

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      Yeah, the trees do respawn. I think every 5 days.

  2. snark
    January 11, 2018

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    “Added new diagram drawing for Advanced Skiver.” Where is this drawing?

  3. untapal
    January 16, 2018

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    the game is interesting!!!

  4. Giroux
    January 24, 2018

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    How can i change control for moving ?

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