Dev Log 1 in March

Mar. 8, 2018 by 36 comments

Hi guys, it’s been a while since we released the update in February. Although we had it planned to release two updates in February, which include the new content like Winter Solstice’s hotpot, relics collection and repair, and snowball fight.

New Content Available Now – Winter Festival Part 1

Feb. 13, 2018 by 16 comments

Greetings, Portians! Just last week we teased the first content update for My Time At Portia, dubbed the Winter Festival update, with a release date of early March. Surprise! We’re actually releasing some of this update today! The new update

Announcing the Winter Festival update

Feb. 10, 2018 by 6 comments

Hey Portians, We hope you’re enjoying your time at Portia, and really appreciate all the feedback you’ve given us during Early Access so far, helping us make My Time At Portia as good as it can be. We know some

We’re Looking for Freelance Writers! (Paid)

Feb. 5, 2018 by 63 comments

Hey everyone, we’re in need of a couple of writers to help us write more side quests, daily dialogue, and character stories for our game. We currently only have one part-time writer and he’s busy writing the main story and

My Time at Portia Patch Note 4.0809

Feb. 2, 2018 by 6 comments

Small patch before weekend. Changelist: Adjusted camera sensitivity. Fixed some text error. Added setting on turn on/off camera inertia.

Patch note 4.0808

Feb. 1, 2018 by 10 comments

Ok, here we are again. In this patch, we fixed the nasty crash when ordering menu while dating. Meanwhile, we fixed several bugs that will affect the gameplay experience of you guys. 🙂 So here is the detail of today’s

My Time at Portia Patch Notes. 4.0807

Feb. 1, 2018 by 3 comments

Hey! Since our last patch four days ago, we’ve been collecting your feedback and we are working on changes and fixes. Here’s a list of the changes included in this patch: Fixed the bug that entering/leaving the abandoned ruins will

Patch 4.08 And The Previous Patch 4.07

Jan. 26, 2018 by 14 comments

Hi Everyone! Here’s a list of recent changes we have made to the game… 25th January 2018 Fixed Quality Leather recipe not unlocking Fixed issue with competitive workshops gaining too many points Fixed issue with the Portia bridge commission Fixed

My Time At Portia – Available Now On Steam Early Access

Jan. 24, 2018 by No comments

Hey Portians! It’s here, My Time At Portia is now available on Steam Early Access! We’re incredibly excited for you all to begin your adventures in Portia, and wanted to share a little more info on what you can expect

A History of The World of Portia

Jan. 16, 2018 by No comments

The world of Portia is full of beauty and wonder, adventure and mystery. Whether you’re a certified Portian or waiting for your boat to arrive on January 23rd, we’re sure you’re wondering more about how the world of Portia came